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My new ride


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Don't know how long it will last but I'm going to ride while I can.  I was looking at a BMW K1600 Grand America but the more I read, the less I wanted it.  A lot of great features but it has known and verifiable stability issues.  So much so that they have it speed limited to. just over 100 MPH.  That wouldn't bother me really but further reading confirmed that the stability issue actually. reared it head at much lower speeds.  Turbulence from trucks, grooved roads, etc.  So I decided against it.  BMW has actually discontinued that model.

Then I almost pulled the trigger on. a 2016 Indian.  Roadmaster with the stage 3 kit.  That means bigger jugs, cams, throttle body, and more.  Sounded nice but the owner was the second owner and he had no idea who did the stage 3.  Was it Indian or some aftermarket kit.  He had no idea.  What really turned me off was the heat.  I have to tell you the truth, I have NEVER felt so much heat coming off a bike of any brand.  It was brutal.  Then I did some more research and found that some people actually have blistered right legs from riding them.  I decided against that one also.

So, I went back to something I owned before and really liked it.  The Harley Road Glide.  This one is a Harley certified (meaning another year of warranty after the factory warranty expires).  It is a 2022 Road Glide Limited with 11,000 miles on it.  It has the 114 engine and definitely feels much stronger than any of my previous Harley's.  All the bells and whistles.  





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That's the same model I was looking at back in 2012 for my future retirement vehicle   BUT  price without any options put a stop on it( mostly Phantom Wife had me going on getting it)  so bit the bullet and gladly bought my 2012 Venture!! (don't regret one bit)

But again   Congrats on   your purchase!!!

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Thats a real pretty bike Don. My buddy just picked up a 2015 Road Glide with 11,000 miles. One owner bike. Came with a trailer and travel pack etc. Its a really nice bike! He let me ride it home and all and all I enjoyed it. It has the 103 and it's got plenty of power, still no Venture though ;) I'm still riding my first gen, just crossed over 90k miles after doing a 1400 mile 3 day ride to the Black Hills and back. I bet that 114 makes for a super fun machine!


Don, have you had the chance to ride one of the new GoldWings yet?

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A lot of changed on this Milwauke 8 motor.  Standard Road glide ultra comes with the 107 engine but this limited is the 114.  It.runs strong.  Certainly. not a drag. bike but around 100 HP with 122 ft. lbs or torque and you can really feel the torque.  And though some hard core Harley riders might not like it, they reduced vibration about 75%.  I was initially looking at a 2018 mode but all the research told me that there were some initial problems with their motors having to do with oil sumpping.  In 2020, Harley corrected that issue with a new oil pump and some crankcase venting.  I'm not sure how widespread the problem was but decided that I didn't want to chance it.  Didn't find a good deal on a '20 or '21 model but did OK on this '22.

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