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  1. I have now been bitten with a new hobby , thank god it involves working in the garage with the boy !.
  2. maindog

    New toy project for winter...

    Vintage 1987 VMAX LC 540.. the org darth Vader sled :). found it with a broken motor on Craigslist for 100.00 . I love ass wipes that do not know what they have and are willing to give it away :)...
  3. I was looking for a chance to get out tonight any way. just don't know if I will be on the bike, I was going to put it up on the lift today and remove the shim kit from the carb needles. it hasn't run the same since i did that mod, so its back to factory settings for me. If every thing works out I will ride in other wise I will be in the car :{. I would ride the chop but my back has been killing this week and that hard-tail and our great michigan roads reallly wrack it good . count 2 for me. Happy 4th of July. everyone !
  4. Now under construction.... complete rebuild.. after 3 years of trying to locate the right parts to do a major engine build up to a stroker big bore. i finally got the head and cylinder parts i needed to build a complete awsome motor. now this thing is going to fly !.
  5. Karl, thanks for the invite. wish i could of made b-fast next year for sure. my kids had a blast and when we got home my son wanted to work on the bike . i posted my photos in the pictures area, i did not see your post . http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?p=520183#post520183 I would have put them here. Take it easy brother and Call me if you need an ear !. also i can always use a hand on the chop if you get down this way.
  6. Man I missed the venture drag... I woulda gave anything to see that one.. but so much to see so little time. next year I want to take my 83 , and maybe get my 74 chop on the dyno, maybe i will be able to find someone with a hd chopper who wants to go up against my 750 with a big bore stroker kit, and lots of mods on it. im thinking it will take on of those big S&S Motors. its comming together fast now I have my 12 year old helping .
  7. Ok , Guys. n Gals. It was a pretty cool event so here is my photos. this was the first time to this one and thanks to karl for tipping me off about it. Even thou it was a very cool morning and an hour and half up to flint from Lincoln Park. I drove up in the car with my 2 kids. despite the later in the day "dad is it time to go yet" from my 6 year old they were pretty good troopers. next year I will for sure be entering my 83 venture, and my 74 honda rat chopper. http://s592.photobucket.com/albums/tt7/dd7890/Bikes%20on%20the%20Bricks%202010/th_flintbikeshow003.jpg
  8. I found this one the other day at a flea market swap , at first i thought it was a bsa or some bmw or something really old , but really restored nice. then upon further inspection it turns out to be new. and sold just down the street from where it was parked. it was very cool seeing a bike i never heard of even if it is Russian. it has a drive shaft that connects the sidecar wheel to the rear wheel of the bike making it a 2 wheel drive.
  9. rjalamo, it was a pleasure meeting you, don't feel bad, after you killed that damn horse fly that was biting me and going back for seconds, I think I dropped my bike keys in the grass somewhere by where we were chatting about going to chi town. good thing my bike was loaded on the trailer already . I hope your trip was a good one. I called Don and he and a couple of guys looked for my keys but no luck, but I managed to get a couple keys made when i got home . It too was my first MD and will say its the best bunch of people i have ever met. I look forward to going next year.
  10. don't get me wrong every one who comes here legally has the right to do what ever, this country was founded by immigrants who came here looking for a better life and did it legally! but what gets me are the people who come here Illegally and then want to demand that they have as much right to be here as any one else. If you went to any other country and did that, you would not be greeted with free education, food stamps, welfare, and free heath care. you may get a nice escort to jail and they would through away the key or worse. we are a country of laws. obey them or get out ! .we don't need immigration reform, we need immigration enforcement. that's just my option. but every one has one .
  11. I got one will give it a try. i just wanted to get my windows mobile smart phone , that i use for my gps/cell phone/hands free speaker phone/Mp3 player/google map/weather/and wifi internet browser . to play out my 1st gen stereo . this should work great for that. but im still looking for a good mounting device to mount it to my bike.
  12. Wasn't that the guy they brought in to explain the fix for the big oil spill ? or was that the same description of what they are doing to stop it .
  13. I have been experiencing a weird problem with my 1st gen, and I need some input from the pros . did a full cleaning , flush and rebuild of the system. the clutch is fine , after about 200 miles the clutch pressure builds in the system causing no release (high lever) and clutch slippage, I break open the bleeder and let a little out and I'm back down the road with no slippage. I have rechecked , reblead, and have no leaks. all stock levers and MC. no air in the system. any Ideas guys ?. to me it seams like a venting problem ? any one else ever have this ?
  14. I also found myself faced with the same question, sky_doc17 turned me on to the progressive spring solution. trust me when I say "its the Best thing you can do for your front end". I did the seals and the springs. it was not that hard to do and I now only run 2lbs of air. 5 if i am riding 2 up. the difference is unbelievable. I will now put them an all my bikes. BTW I used the OEM seals but not sure if that would have been any different if I had used aftermarket. I just did not want to do the job over if it did not last. I have an 83 so I'm not sure if the part numbers would be the same as yours , but as MI_Carl has the seals ,that's a good deal. good luck , and let us know how it turns out for ya.
  15. It must be a gravity thing ..I'm now ready to stop the earth and wait for all the people to fall off ! except me of course , I will hang on really tight. hey i just realized something , maybe that will work on that oil leak in the gulf, just stop the world when its upside down and all we will have to do is catch the oil as it heads for the sky. but we are going to need a really big bucket.
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