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What Yamaha bikes have you owned?


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Starting back in '77 or so...Kaw H2-750 1st bike, 1st wheelie outside the showroom 1st ride,,,1st speedin' ticket and I was a pizza delivery guy then also. go figure...


'06- 84 Standard Venture totally gone thru, would pull the front any time ya wanted to, visited northern Arkansas on it...and wanted to take it out on Redbud when we passed it up in Michigan...



since '91- '77 Yam IT400- 325lb dirt bike,new top end 10 years ago, still fun to kickstart it, damn good way to learn how to handle a bike on the road when you run into difficulties (8pt'r 7 yrs ago)


'08 RSV silver, (same as the one I'z on) still out in the garage, but only about 4k on it since I got it in '12 Just now only 10,140 miles on her. Huh, gotta change that


Forgot, got a 76 DT400 out in the shed to get runnin' so's my son kin ride the IT when I ride the DT an' his girl and daughter can ride on my Big Bear 400 quad...when we go woodin'


:scared:,,, Larocco's Leap!!!!! I LOVED racing Red Bud and LOVED doin Larocco's Leap = the flight time off that puppy was INCREDIBLE = almost as long as jumpin off the Dune tops at Silver Lake!!!! Gotta admit though,, I have ridden a few two tracks and snake trails on my 1st Gens thru the years but never had the konies to even imagine shootin off Larocco's Leap with one of em,,, ya got a lot of class @Dano and more nerve than I would ever have!!:missingtooth:

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Early 70's 80cc (not my Pic) I was 9 or 10. Spend hours riding this and as far anyone knows it was only in the fields - yeah right.

Yamaha 80 CC.jpg


Spent the summer of '84 on a Venture but it wasn't mine. A Friend was deployed and told me to have fun for the summer and man did I. He was a little ticked at first when he saw the mileage.


1981 Yamaha 400 Special II (again not my Pic) put 45 - 50K on this bike in 3 years al over OH, WV, PA, IN and IL

1981 Yamaha 400 Special II.jpg


2006 RSV (Finally my Pic). Purchased it used with ~30K on it. I put ~70K in 5 years all around TX, LA and MS

2006 Yamaha RSV.jpg


2018 SVTC 4 Weeks and 4K on it. Looking forward to many more.

2018 Yamaha SVTC.jpg

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Most of these only have old photographs of


a 'few' RD's 250/350/400 Ummm I was an apprentice Toolmaker and errr 250cc restriction as a learner, but restamped 350 top end as 247cc, then renumbered the crankcase, did the 247cc on the barrels and machined off the bottom fin on a 400 (some cops knew how many fins a 250/400 had). Had a heap of fun on that one.


XS400 custom

XS650 heritage custom

XJ650 'special' (maxim)


Virago 1100

Tenere 660


currently own

Roadstar 1600

RSV Gen2

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All I've owned is Yamaha, but not many.


86(?) 550 Maxim. Wife & I enjoyed that bike & riding with her parents. Her dad rode nothing but Yamaha. We sold it when we started a family and went without an MC for almost 20 years.


His Junior year of High School my son bought a 80-something Suzuki GS650. His bike but I rode it some, rekindled the flame.


2014 or 15 I bought an 06 V-Star 1100 for my wife and I. We had a blast on that bike, I loved it but we wanted something more comfortable.


2018 I bought my current ride, 07 Royal Star Venture. I was leaning hard toward a RSTD but decided once I upgraded the seat and put a batwing fairing on I'd have more money in it than if I bought the RSV. So RSV it was! No regrets!

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List is not long. First bike I bought was a 1978 XT500 Enduro brand new. Sold it bought a 1972 650 XS twin. Sold it and bought another 1976 XT500 Enduro. Sold that and had a long run of Honda 4`s including a 73 500. Moved to 750 then to 900. Raising a family buying a house etc took all my money so I got out for awhile. Picked up a CB900C for old times but I wanted bigger as I was bigger, I wanted a big comfy cruiser and so I started looking and when I found the Yamaha RSV I had to have one. I looked at many bikes but then I found the 09 with 38,000kms. I was hooked.


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Sadly I do not have picks of all but I am what people would call a Brand whore Yamaha is my ride of choice I've had others but prefer my Yamahammers hands down 

the List 

79  RD 350

82  XS650 chopper 

7 different FZR 600's 

90 FZR 1000 Really miss that bike 

3 different FZR 400 

2 grey market FZR 250 RR ( the exhaust not was BLISS ) 

88 FZR 750 

87 FZ 750 

92 TDM 850 drunk driver killed this one wife an I almost 

00 R6 favorite year red n white 

89 Venture Royale only had it for a few months 

XT 350 

2 different YSR 50's an i will have more these are fun 

a Zuma 

IT 175

99 R1

82 Virago 

16 R3 

20 R3 

1984 9,000 mile Venture Royale 

grey market TZR 250 Marlboro team colors

94 YZF 600

89 FZR 400/600 this conversion is what the FZR should have been produced like 

RZV500T now this is without a doubt one i regret selling ....i can't remember the limited number but very few RZV's were made with an aluminum frame Japan only available I had a good buddy stationed there that helped me get it to the states .....I upgraded to fairings to a 92 FZR race set and put projector lights in the intake holes on the fairings had it painted to look like Eddie Lawsons GP bike damn it was beautiful I took it to Daytona in the mid 90's and after enjoying the whole Bike Week on it a foreign gentlemen approached me just after the 200 had ended in the infield an well the offer was too good to pass on so off it went to Qatar ( funny thing is I found out later the guy was a member of the Royal family there ...really nice guy who loved motorcycle's ) wish I had a pic of that one 

I'm sure there are a few missing these are just what stood out in my memory   

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My then girlfriend had a RD250 Yamaha 2 stroke that was a blast. After we were married we dabbled in a few Hondas but found a nice 83 Venture. Rode it into the ground after 2nd gear crapped out. Picked up a 99 RSV in 2002 and had it until 2014 when it became too heavy for me. Triumph Rocket three followed by two Harleys and I’m back on an RSV trike. 







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I started out on a 650 Maxim, that popped great wheelies, but sounded like a screaming brat at highway speeds.  Then went to an 89 Venture Royale. Put about 90k on it, sold it, and asked my Venture buddies to find me one of those Black Cherry bikes.  Found 5, picked one with 17k, and still riding it, at about 95K. 

Parkview portrait-A.jpg

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