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  1. curious about the trailer your pullin what kind of weight and how the ride is ? I have noticed on the RVTC that it picks up side draft winds pretty good and image the trailer might tend to whip Your thoughts ? Thanks PJ
  2. That seat sure looks comefy !! I ordered the raised back from Yamaha and will hopefully be installing this weekend , will see if the heated back works well . I had the Corbin on my last ride but the seat had been modified by previous rider and took some getting used too....
  3. Howdy folks Just reached 400 miles on my 2018 TC Venture. Got one off the lot couple hundred miles from me was on pretty good discount . I too have noticed some things with the bike and settings. Definitely appreciate the heated seat and grips rode her home couple hundred miles from the dealership in the rain and 37 degree temps. Grips need getting used to and seat can get too warm will be adjusting the "low setting" down from 3 to maybe 1. Curious about the wider windscreen as the original does give some buffeting also is the height setting adjustable , seems that the settings screen allows them but the buttons on the tank over ride the adjustment? The power curve is great and just getting used to belt drive and where the rev limiter is. I do hope the send out a software push for the GPS would be nice to save way points like my old Zumo had.Looking to figure comms with this bike , I am used to being tethered however Bluetooth sounds like it would have a advantage of no cord dragging on the tank....
  4. Prayers sent get well soon , many roads left to travel. Drink lots of tea heard this will help. PJ
  5. Trying to figure out best Setup so I can order. Wife and I would like to go on some twistys and looking to get comms setup and have been reading alot , looking for some guideance on Wired or wireless and also regards to using the CB heard intercom and Cb push to talk transmits both riders ? Any wisdom would be great. looking to get socially distant if you know what I mean...... vrrrrm vrrrrm..
  6. The Venture Frame looks fairly stout but curious about the welds . Other hitch manufacturers only use the upper and lower connections , wonder what the strength is there versus your full setup? getting ready to purchase a hitch and looking for some warm fuzzies....
  7. Well Ive been tossing this around . I have about 86000 on my 02 now , original calendar bike from Cucamonga 3rd owner. shes been a good bike for me but now considering the Transcontinental. Curious about how I'm going to tow my trailer with it and if the Belt drive is to be a concern. Thanks PJ
  8. I finally found my answer from a seller : "LED Passing lamp retro fit kit for Yamaha cruisers that currently have H3 driving lights. Does NOT fit the bucket from sealed beam passing lamps." ........................................
  9. The LED lamps that you have are they they the Yamaha "focused beam with Angel eye halo " ?
  10. My retrofit kit kit lamps won’t physically fit the rubber gasket and my paperwork states:”(P/N STR-4NK35-10 or STR-4WM35-10EA) required....
  11. Note: also did your retrofit kit Led's lamps have rubber gasket attached?
  12. Your passing lamps were they added by you or original accessory at the time ? I am trying to figure if the lamp buckets may have changed sizes..
  13. I also have the bucket with the horizontal bolt but the rubber gasket around the Led lamp would not even fit with the ring.Had to cut a little rubber tab to take it loose and now can fit however this doesn't seem right I shouldn't have to do this. Is the H3 housing larger? My housing is the 4xy-35 ........ Thanks
  14. 76 Enduro 81 Midnight Maxim 02 Midnight Venture
  15. I purchased the led passing lamps to replace original sealed beams for my bike but unfortunately it seems there is an issue with the "bezel " or size of the bucket not sure if i need to replace with "STR-4NK35-10-00" ? Are they the same bucket or am I missing something?? I can squeeze it in but without the rubber surround gasket that is attached.... Thanks
  16. I am deeply sorry for your loss its not supposed to happen this way . We are supposed to outlive our children and life is not fair sometimes for the best of us. I do cherish the time I took my Daughter for a weekend trip for her 21st birthday on the Venture, I will never forget the memories we made. Remember the times you had with her keep them close to heart and maybe you can find solace out on the open road someday.....
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