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  1. We've used them for 3 years and they still work perfectly. We bought a new bike and switched to J & M. $200 for the set; they are around $450 new, I think.
  2. The backrest adjusts quite a lot forward & back. It feels great leaning into the rest I can reach perfectly. It sets my posture a bit, I'm a real slouch on a bike and this way I sit back. Don
  3. I did receive the seat, heated, not cooled. No big deal for the lack of cooling. It's been dropped from Corbin's website. Install was pretty simple. You disconnect the seat heater harness and it's no longer used. The heat is either, on or off. The controls in the dash are now, "grayed out." I don't have enough miles yet to say it's better or worse than the stock seat. I had ridden 2 hours solid on the stock seat and had no complaints. What I needed was the backrest and I will say the Corbin is the best I've had. I'm 6'3" and the backrest makes the posture better and the ride much m
  4. Update on Corbin, "Fire & Ice." There was a significant delay in getting it shipped. Corbin would not respond to my emails, so I finally called them.They offered me $150 to drop the cooling part, or I could wait another month to see if it would work. I took the $$. Now I see Fire & Ice is gone from their website, no longer offering it, at least for now. No big deal, I've never had a cooling seat and thought it kind of a gimmick anyway. I got the seat, but then found the dealer totally stripped out a screw on the passenger back rest when installing it. I had to order a screw ex
  5. I just updated mine today.. I think the latest is an R12.something. I updated from what you are showing. Just a heads up. Don
  6. Has anyone gotten a full seat? I'm wondering about the heat controls. Is is just on or off, or do you still get the OEM heat levels control. Mine should be here in the next couple of weeks, but I don't see on Corbin's website an answer. Thanks Don
  7. I have the brand, "Moto D" They are metal and cost $24 for the pair on Amazon. Don
  8. That is what I needed to hear. Thanks for the info. I carry, "Cycle Pump" a great compressor and the rear tire is always the difficult one. I put angled stems on and that makes all the difference. Ride safe, have fun! Don
  9. On the 2018, has anyone installed angled valve stems? I'm still waiting for snow to melt to be able to ride my bike home, so I can't look at the TPM stems. Is it even possible to change the stems? Thanks for any advice. Don
  10. It looks like they have it for the front, but not rear. I've ran Commander II's for 80K on my VStar 1300, always get 20K and more. Don
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