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  1. I know the feeling, the rear pedal on my Mk.2 is like that also. my feet hit the lower fairing if i don't catch the outer edge of it. I've thought about getting a spare pedal and bending it to fit me better. Might be an option in your case.
  2. I've been averaging 1.75/ gal. here in KC
  3. I'm thinking of painting my venture, but not sure what color i'm going with. I'm wanting something brighter than the tan it is now. what color would you guys go with?
  4. I've done it a couple of times on my Mk.2, the first time surprised me. second time the wife smacked that back of my helmet
  5. Good call, partshark has them for 22.32 each. thanks
  6. Who's got the best deals on valve cover gaskets for these bikes? I'm getting ready to down my '93 for the winter and do some needed maintenance.
  7. try this guy, he's pretty well known in the suzuki community for having the correct viton o rings for those bikes. http://www.cycleorings.com
  8. there's one right down the street from me so that is what my bikes and lawn equipment get.
  9. If you have a Casey's general store in your area, their "premium" gas is ethanol free. but it's only 87 octane
  10. I'm running the Kenda Kruz on both front and rear of my Mk.2 1st gen, so far i like them very much. the bike had a metzler 880 on the rear and a dunlop on the front and the kendas seem to be a better tire so far.
  11. Wow, that's an ugly bike! i love the idea of the liquid cooled engine, but that fairing's gotta go! they actually out uglied the Road Glide.
  12. I was in the same situation with my 93 earlier this year and used a pair of pliers to turn it. It immediately started spewing gas out of the petcock i just put a rebuild kit in it and left it on reserve.
  13. some of the Indians, the scout IIRC use a leather flap that hangs down from the seat as a heat shield. Maybe you could check into something like that?
  14. Bit of a reply from the dead, but i just purchased a rebuild kit from Brakecrafters for my '93 Mk.2. The kit was top notch, the seals fit perfectly. i also liked the fact that they included a small tub of assembly lube for the seals. I also bought a set of pads and like those as well....i'll be getting a set for the front now too. have a good one, Bryan
  15. Update : Everything went back together just fine. The rebuild kit from Brakecrafters was top notch, and i had no trouble reassembling the caliper. i got everything bled and went on a 150 mile road trip sunday. Everything is back to normal.
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