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  1. Well yesterday i took Tinker out for a Test run, I sold her a while back and the guy was saying the clutch was slipping, the dash and false tank cover flew off on him. So last week I replaced all the plastics that was on her and switched out the saddle bags also. Still love the smoothness of my recliner with 2 wheels is. I had also bought a 2019 Harley Heritage on March 5th, I was really looking for an Eluder but was told they weren't getting those in and IF I wanted the Venture I had to order it without ever getting to try it out first. They had another bike I liked to but they don't allow test rides period. Not sure what kind of dealer that don't allow a person to go on a test ride but this one sure don't. So I did try to get financed they turned me down with no explanation. But was approved for there 2019 Chevy diesel truck for 3 times as much almost. So I went to get a piece to my ram mount for the venture out at harley and was Eye Balling a Fat Boy. So guy goes well lets see where your at. He comes out while I was looking at another bike and told me I was approved! I tripped over Ruby's front tire because I was literally in shock. I ended up going with the Heritage. I had been working alot at Sonic and didn't feel like being an essential worker on minimum wage during this Pandemic. We had more business after the lock down was announced, not to mention they started a special on kids meals to bring in more customers! We had 24 stalls and drive thru plus a patio... I just didn't feel it was worth the risk they weren't taken any precautions at all. I didn't quit but just had my hours reduced to try and get on some where else. I started working nights for a company that bottles the Almond Milk, Protein shakes, Starbucks coffee and a few other things. So really haven't had much time to get on here. Anyways Tinker is one happy camper right now. I still have the other 83 that I bought with me deductible check I got back. But If you all remember I bought a TCI box different from the ones you all got. Needless to say I can definately tell between the 2 bikes, so can the guy that has Riva at the moment while I was working on Tinker. Will say the seat and rider position is very comfy on these bikes, I have people wanting to by Riva but honestly I really like the MK1's. I had an 87 for a short time I sold it to a guy who has another bike with a trike kit on it. But I could tell the difference between the 83 and the 87, I did like all the creature comforts of the 87 but I would rather ride my 83. So hope you all out there are staying well during this Covid 19 stuff is going around, I honestly think I already had it back in February. I could not get motivated for nothing sicker then a dog and felt like I got my butt beat by Bruce Lee! But if it wasn't the Covid I don't want to know it could do to me. So its been a busy season this far. Hopefully they get stuff opened up soon and this stuff goes away so maybe we can be able to get out and ride more. I feel bad for ol Pucster tho I hear his Governor is going a little too far.
  2. O man prayers for boss and his family... Sent from my 9029Z using Tapatalk
  3. You know I ain't been on here much but this crap has gotten way out of hand as far as the toilet paper! And we've had the lock the back door where I works to keep people stealing toilet paper and hand sanitizer!! Sent from my 9029Z using Tapatalk
  4. Then Hatfield lied to me[emoji34] they told me no new ventures for 20.... It's ok they turned me down again. I'll just enjoy Riva and the new bike just the same... Sent from my 9029Z using Tapatalk
  5. Damn Man do me a favor remind me of them!! I totally forgot about them come February! Wonder how much shipping would be to here, even tho I am scared to tear into my forks! I did put Auto Trani fluid in my newest bike and I tell you what that made a world of difference in my forks. Still wouldn't mind haven a progressive springs in front too!!
  6. Damn I was beginning to think that bike kidnapped you Ty... LOL
  7. I want to apoligize for my fumble on the turkey baster, I have meat injectors and syringes from my kids medicine i would use. That almost looks like a fuse of some sort but My bikes don't have that.
  8. Get a screw driver and tap your bowls to see if it will free up the stuck float, also cowpuc likes to call on a turkey baster and use that to flush the bowls from the bowl drain screws. which that also works very well
  9. Actually I don't know how Ben is... but I know what happens when you got friends around helping work on stuff! But good times I know, I bet most of that aldayer will be helping hold chairs to the floor and enjoying some iced tea!
  10. If I remember correctly I believe it took me all of 30-45 minutes to get mine in. But trying to remember if i just pulled the tire out of the way or not...
  11. Well my experience with popping when its in the exhaust is on deccel. If it still pops on deccel with all the gaskets replaced in exhaust then its possibly your air cut off valves. When I tear the carbs apart now I will order the rebuild kits for them and the air cut of valves. It is also possible your diaphragms on the slides are bad also. I would start off cheap and work your way up to the more expensive stuff. I learned that one the hard way! I was having a crazy issue with my bike and it turned out to be a $5.00 spark plug cap. It would get warm and the resistor would rattle. It would cool off and run perfect. Get it hot and it ran kinda like pooh and would not start until sitting for an hour. The popping on acceleration most the time was due to a fouled or bad plug. Now if its popping back at the carbs that sounds like a rich run issue. Also At what point are you shifting in each gear? I know from learning the V4 how to drive/shift it that sometimes it would do that say like 1st to 2nd I was shifting at around 1500 rpms! OOPS starting shifting and getting on it in the correct positions and did not have the issue no more except when she was cold.
  12. Heck I live in Joplin and have to run an amplifier just to get all the joplin stations, since they went digital I have done nothing but fight to get a signal... I have airplanes that come in and out of Joplin regional airport. But not nearly as much as you fool. When I lived out in the country everytime it would rain I was losing signal... What a great Idea to go digital I used to be able to get Springfield, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Joplin stations till the big upgrade...
  13. Maybe they could review the video!
  14. I agree 100% on this after riding both my 83 and 87 at night, There is a huge difference in my opinion. Can't wait to get the LED light in the 87 also!
  15. I am curious as to where are all the 2020's, haven't seen no mention of them. I am now about 30 points away from hitting my goal for my credit score. I have been trying to find the info on the 2020 Eluder thats the one I really want. That blue damn that blue. I did also sit on the gun metal grey venture at Jay Hatfield. They had another bike in there a little while back The Yamaha Bolt. But I asked for a test ride on it and they said they don't do test rides. I said I guess you guys don't sell much here do you! Then walked out the door. I may have to go to Springfield or Arkansas to test the Bolt out. I also asked when they would be getting the New Venture in and they told me they sell more Honda's then Yamaha's. That's because that's about all they stock. I have had better luck with Yamaha's over Honda's.
  16. I have ran those and they are on the Venture I got about 6 out of them before I had to change due to a slow rear tire leak but still plenty of tread left on them! After my sons incident with his Kenda Challenger and seeing the pictures of what his chain guard did to that tire, and he still made however many miles with it rubbing the tire. I will stand by Kenda only ones I have seen recently that I haven't ran yet is the Cataclysms. I will try to find the picture of his rear tire, but will put it this way it was square on the left hand side!
  17. I have really been contimplating getting a set of Kenda Cataclysms Have you tried those Venture?
  18. OK I have 3 questions about this new bike I have... First is is there anyone here that can soder decent? When I got sick a couple years ago it messed my vision. I originally thought i fixed the e3 error on my print board for air ride. Well I would be interested in sending it to someone, unless you know someone fairly close to me. Second there is a black cord that is for the Interior light in the trunk Where does that silly plug plug into on the bike. I tried to look for it in the wiring diagrams but be darned if I can find it. the second question is does anyone got a blonde laying around with some good fairings? Would really like to keep the original radio but the control unit for it on the handlebars half works and is busted when the guy wrecked it. Then there is the radio it works but i have to use passenger control to seek the stations! LMFAO I would just simply desolder all the plug connections and resolder but am having issues doing so and I really don't want to fudge the board up! Those things are we bit steep!
  19. That is just crazy I now see what he was talking about on the plugs. I have a bout 24 of these carbs and 6 of them in peices!! I looked at the jet block with his picture and realized I was mistaken on the jet block. The ones i got off ebay that needed rebuilt didn't even have the plugs in half of them. Then the other problem I ran into it had mismatched jets. It was all good and fun just rebuilding them when I had quit smoking. Figure I would rebuild carbs with the money I was saving..
  20. Will also add I have never heard a bike run like this one was it litterally sounded like it was missing and thought I was looking at a TCI Issue. The popping now I see what some are talking about when they mention it. Try to accelerate with the 87 carbs on it ran like pooh till it got above 4500 rpm then it smoothed way out.
  21. The 87s carbs wouldn't run with out the choke. When I put on my spare set I rebuilt a while back everything was all good. Filled the bowls and gave it just a little choke and she fired right up after about 2 minutes she ran fine off of choke. 83 carbs are basically a unicorn 84-85 has a different part number also then 86 to 93 I believe is another part number. when I pull the carbs off I will do the compression check. I did let the bike run for a good 30-40 minutes last night for it to get to temp and such. I also suspect maybe the thermastat is stuck even if not I will probably replace it since it is right there. I also only have water in it at the moment to make sure there was no other issues
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