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  1. Happy Easter time is done another day for the "One" Family meal and little-ones Easter baskets full of fun Feeling happy to see the setting sun.
  2. I may be mistaken but I believe your legs are to long for it. Now for the picking, the side bag looks about the size of a 4 slice toaster. What about the HEAT!!!
  3. I'm going to ask a obvious question. Is there anti-freeze in the top plastic tank? If you had any kind of water leak anywhere that tank would be empty. I'm going with Dan on it is probably left over 2nd gear pieces which includes that thrust washer that prematurely wears out. Can you see any big pieces floating in the filter? Tear it up and have a good look. If its running quiet and not missing water run it. Like has been said these engines are normally bullet proof. There was a member here years ago that had a V-max and a Venture in Germany he used to go to meets over there where they would intentionally fry the v-maxs rear tires over and over in some kind of competition. That right there was a testament to the toughness of these engines. If its a bad engine I'd buy another on e-bay before I'd rebuild it. It would be quicker and maybe cheaper. But that's just me.
  4. Seasoned? As in old,smelly,tough,cantankerous,knowledgeable,faster than a 2nd Gen seasoned?
  5. We have some friends that stopped over a few years back in their new car and asked us to ride to the tasty-freeze with them so we do. On the way there he tells us that he has to go back home to put a tire on his daughters car when he gets back. He tells us that she was following a large group of Harleys down the interstate when she got the flat tire. There was a bolt stuck in the center of it. Needless to say his thoughts on Harleys was none to good. Well we get to the tasty-freeze and a Harley rolls up about the same time as us. The guy shuts it off and goes to get off and I kid you not the turn signal lens falls off on the pavement. Needless to say we all lost it laughing. The guy reached down picked it up and just set it back on the turn signal, no screw fix at all! From then on I always have it in the back of my mind when coming up on a bunch of Harley riders riding in a group I pass them as fast as I can.
  6. mraf


    I've seen worse ones but this gets the message across. http://a57.foxnews.com/images.foxnews.com/content/fox-news/auto/2018/03/26/biker-buries-skeleton-in-pothole-protest/_jcr_content/par/featured_image/media-0.img.jpg/931/524/1522064133893.jpg?ve=1&tl=1&text=big-top-image
  7. Thought I needed to make MY statement today. So I shot my firearms. I didn't see a saddle sling for my rifle in that site Puc. Next Saturday I'll make my statement again. In the meantime I'll keep searching for that saddle sling. Oh yeah, I love motorcycles too.
  8. Puc, Tip puts up with a lot doesn't she? But I like your thinking.
  9. :rotf: Mowing grass Shoveling snow:crying:. Riding Venture:big-grin-emoticon:. When is that Global Warming going to start?
  10. Ahhh............... never mind.
  11. Yamaha prototype. Hey they didn't listen to us on the third gen. One of the craziest things the wife and I seen on a car entering the thruway beside us, I believe in Rochester, N.Y. that you could see the drivers left foot and the bottom of the drivers seat hanging down underneath the side of the car from it being rusted out. He was driving like a madman, I let that Darwin award future member go.
  12. Sunny but cold north wind here 8" snow still on ground hard enough to stand on the top of it. I'm with you Dan.
  13. I have seen the same thing with my tach. I went so far as to tear the tach apart to see if it could be rectified by lubing it up. It can be loosened up to work more freely for awhile but it would go back to its sluggishness self when the weather became colder. I am tired of fighting it and just ignore it. After riding for awhile it will begin to act like it should. I was told that a sluggish tach could be a problem with the TCI box. To see if this was the problem I bought a used box on e-bay. The tach still acted the same. I upgraded to the programmable TCI box by ignitech some years ago and still have a sluggish tach so I do not believe that was the problem ether. It is just tired. The tach gets its signal from the number 2 coil which could I suppose be a problem but my venture runs tip top with mileage in the 40's and all cylinders firing and coming up to temperature correctly using a infrared temp gun. If you find a long term lube fix for it I would be interested in what you used.
  14. Bet the blades spin so fast it flips over and flies like a helicopter.
  15. Didn't know you had to wear license around your neck when you drive one of those. Fits the boss pretty good.
  16. HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY everyone. Don't eat to much corned beef and cabbage. My favorite Irish toast " May you be in heaven a half hour before the devil knows your dead!":beer:
  17. Good job. You should hang out a shingle.
  18. He is resting his fingers.
  19. Don't you just love it when your plan works! Right now that tech guy is asking for a raise.
  20. Nope. Your in deeper than I ever went. My fixing amounts to cleaning it of non essentials and dust nothing more. I hear ya on the size of the screws that are being put on things add a little twitch and they are gone!
  21. I know why you chose a spider. Security in your riding parameters. Nice ride Tom. It is a nice looking machine that lets us older riders still CTF2Ws. Why doesn't Yamaha come out with one? With the old venture motor and a few newer upgrades I would think it would be a reliable contender for us ageed riders. I guess they didn't listen to us on the Venture replacement so a totally new line of motortrike is totally out of the question.
  22. So whats the new machine in your stable? Stargazer Lilly.
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