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Update on health and etc.


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OK folks.  Here's the deal.  I'm sorry that I haven't reported back sooner.  I've been to some doctor appointments and they are working on my one eye that still works.  It is NOT a detached retina but is a retina problem.  I don't understand all of this but I have fluid between the retina and another part of my eye and it shouldn't be there.  They are trying to get rid of it by injecting my eye with something or another.  Hopefully this will work and they can save my vision but when I asked if I was going blind, they could onl.y tell me that they were doing what they can.  I have to back for more injections next week.

So, that's that.  So needless to say, I have a lot of mixed emotions.  On one hand, I've sold the trike and figured my riding days were over.  On the other hand, riding is about the only outside hobby that brings me any joy at this time and I'm thinking that I should take advantage of any time that I have.  That being said, I'm thinking that I should pick tip a little bike to knock around on.  I've actually made an offer on one and it looks like he may accept it but we are going to talk on Monday.  It's just a little BMW K1600 Grand America.  Only 160 HP but it should do for short rides.

Anyway, my thoughts are all over the place right now so this story will be continued later.

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Thanks' for the up date Don. I rode one of the new R18 at Bike week and liked it. For me the K bikes are out as my inseam is to short. LOL But have entertained the thoughts of an R1200. Lower reach point. Keeping you all in our thoughts. Hope your treatments work out in your benefit.

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Thanks.  It may never happen.  Like said, my thoughts are all over the place.  I make a decision today and change my mind tomorrow.  I almost bought an Indian Roadmaster.  Price was good but then I found that it had a stage 3 kit on it.  Larger jugs, cans, etc.   he is the second owner and had no idea who did the upgrade.   It was nice but I would want to know more about it and he had no idea. 

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