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off to the rally and off line


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I'm confused??????


They should have a McCDonalds in Springville,NY?


Ya just need a Laptop.... Big Guy...LOL



Of course DQ probably doesn't have any internet capability.....:rotfl::rotf:

Well there is MickyD's next door to the Microtel hotel. Had some of their ice cream tonight in fact.


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Hi All

christy and I are getting ready to leave the cottage and ride up to the rally. we spent the day on the lake sunday. Almost got caught in a big ride storm on the lake got back just in time. Well waitting on Christy (biG suprize) and we will be there in about 3 hrs.

Bull463 :cool10:

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No, Motorcycle Tom and I bith live around the corner. He has internet access at Pioneer but didn't bring his portable computer...


ahhh.....I knew you and "somebody" Tom lived close.

Just from when I was out there on the leaf lookers ride last fall.

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