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That's a tough one. It would be hard to replace the best! I like the looks of the Ultra Classic best of all the rest, but not keen on v-twins. I'd ride it first and if I didn't like it then I'd probably go sporty. If money were no object I would test ride the BMW 1200LT and the Kaw Concours 14 and also take a run on the new Honda VFR 1200. Also on the list would be the FJR and the Honda ST1300. Since I've never riden any of these bikes, I can't pick one without trying them all out. I would probably go with which ever one of those was the best fit. I have a feeling it would be either the Concours 14 or the BMW.

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I too would have to check out the 1200LT.


I was looking at them last fall. I asked the salesman if I could get a test ride. He said if I wanted to put down a $36,000 deposit, No problem.:scared:

I never did get to ride one.:crying:

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If Yamaha didn't make a RSV or RSTD. what would be your bike of choice? I think I would be riding a Harley Street Glide, if I could come up with the money or Kawasaki Voyager.





Probably a moped!!! No seriously, a Goldwing or a good used Valkarie. After that, might strap on some bags to a new VMAX!!!

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