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  1. These are hitting the bin a week from Thursday. Make an offer. RR
  2. Make an offer before these get tossed. RR
  3. I'll throw in shipping. $100 shipped to CONUS. RR
  4. In general, the whole fuel pump does not need replaced. It is the contact points at the rear of the fuel pump. Do a search on here and you will see some pictures and commentary. Fuel pump points are available for $30 or so. Easy to change. RR
  5. Yes, these are still available. RR
  6. It appears this may be sold. Will confirm when payment is completed. RR
  7. With the Venture being gone, there are a few items that I no longer need (and didn't send along to the new owner). They are in the Marketplace - 2nd Gen Parts. Shim Kit, Colortune, and K&N Air filters. I did throw the lift adapter (with legs) in his truck since he said he will be doing most of his own maintenance. RR
  8. The Colortune allows you to see the color of your in-cylinder burn so you can set the carb mixture correctly. Not terribly difficult to use but really helps avoid the guesswork. It is essentially a spark plug with a glass rind around the outside allowing you to see the color of the burn. Light blue (IIRC) means a proper mixture. Really works well. Comes with complete instructions. Chances are pretty slim I will ever own a carbureted bike again so I'm letting this go. $50 + shipping. RR
  9. Set of K&N air filters that I purchased on here from one of the old timers. Eck in 2009. I ran them for a little while but went back to OEM. These have been sealed in a box for quite a while. Let's say $25 + shipping RR
  10. After having sold my Venture, I have some stuff that didn't go along. First up - Complete Shim kit with tool I have used this several times and it always had what I needed. The numbers on the box may not represent what is in the hole. But every hole has a unique size (none are mixed). $100 shipped. (edited 5/24) RR
  11. It's a rocketship too. Not quite as comfy as the Venture (nothing is), but close.
  12. Let's see what I have. Freebird was able to ride my R1200GS Adventure at a Maintenance Day a few years ago. I have added a K1600GT since then for Long Distance duty. Wow, what an engine! I've have an '87 K75C that I bought for son #2 10 or so years ago.
  13. I have drank the Bavarian Kool aid. Currently have 3 BMWs in the garage and the Venture just wasn't being ridden. Thanks for the kind words Doc and Sleepy. RR
  14. Sold the 2000 Venture today. 160,127 miles of enjoyment and solitude. The last vestiges of my single life has gone on to another rider. Be well, my friend. Advised the new owner to join up here. We shall see if he shows up. RR
  15. Did you ride all the way to Australia to get that picture? RR
  16. There are no lights in the handlebar control pods. RR
  17. Oooohhh, a 2000 MM. Beautiful bike. I have the 2000 red one - it's faster - with 160k miles. Would trust jumping on it tomorrow and heading to California. You should be able to get a >100k Gen 2 for $2500 or so. My son picked up a 2007 with 45k miles for under $3k last year. They are out there. But to be fair, if you're going to have the bike for 5 or 10 years, what does a couple of hundred bucks matter? Buy what puts a smile on your face. RR
  18. If you are needing a long oval for forehead clearance, there are a few selections. LS2 has a complete line of oval and long oval in FF and modular that are very reasonably priced. Order one size up from what you wear in HJC. Also, the Arai SignetX is a long oval but expensive - FF only. Motorcyclegear.com has excellent customer service and will exchange for a different size. They often have last year's models on sale. Revzilla (they also own CycleGear) also has good customer service. As for getting a drink, set up a Camelback and use a right angle bit valve. It fits easily inside a FF helmet. Attach the bit valve end of the hose to a retractable key holder mounted where you can reach it. RR
  19. This is the setup on my new-to-me long distance steed. The hose is plumbed under the seat into the tank. Again, gravity feed. The tube coming out is from the Camelback mounted atop the tank. You can see the bite valve next to the water bottle. TT
  20. Puc, The hose that appears to be coming out the top is actually my hydration system coming from the Coleman next to the tank. The fuel line comes out from the bottom on the clutch side. You can see the petcock and inline fuel filter for the aux tank mounted to the black board. The fuel line runs down the clutch side and T's into the fuel line just behind the main tank petcock. The metal thing sticking out of the aux tank cap is the tether anchor. I could get a little over 325 miles before stopping without hitting reserve. RR
  21. As one of the old long distance riders used to say - "You can only have too much gas if you are on fire." If you are riding one up, I suggest going to an auxiliary gas tank mounted on the passenger seat. It is easy to plumb in by installing a T between the petcock and the fuel pump. Gravity feed. I had a 5 gallon spun aluminum tank mounted on a board (was actually cut from a support board under the belt from an old treadmill). Drilled holes to mount U-bolts that clamp around the passenger grab handles. Solid as a rock.
  22. Mr. Rooster, I believe I have one. I am de-farkling my bike to sell it this spring and just removed it tonight. Let me know how you would like it sent to you. No charge. RR
  23. I have two large pump bottles of orange hand cleaner - one in the garage/shop, one in the house. They last about 2 years each. It has gotten better since I started wearing nitrile gloves when working on really dirty stuff. RR
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