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  1. You certainly will Kerry ... we're hoping to get over to the island to visit my nephew sometime this summer so will be swinging by your way then. We'll keep you posted.
  2. @cowpuc & divey we will surely hook up some day ... Doug, you're not that far away so maybe you and Dale might pass thru here on your way to some destination ... would be great to have you stop in and spend the night or 2
  3. Been here since 2006 ... that's 13 years ... not as many as several of you but quite a lot just the same. My subscription is due for renewal the 15th of this month. Considering I no longer ride, considering I don't contribute, considering I rarely read the posts, and considering the ridiculous exchange rate we Canucks have to suffer to buy anything coming from below our border .... I'll not be renewing. That said, I may still lurk from time to time. All the best to you all, keep chasing that front wheel and keep the rubber side down ! It's been a great 13 years here and for those who've either just joined or are considering joining, the benefit far exceeds what meets the eye so get on board and enjoy the ride ... I sure did! BTW, there may be a Kruisn the Kootenays in 2020 so if anyone wants to be on the "invite list" that isn't already, shoot me a private message with your email addy before the 15th.
  4. If your depth perception is off and/or you have an equilibrium thing going on, it can cause you to get the willies over heights. I've been this way most of my life due to eyesight and a depth perception issue ... yet being in an airplane ... even a 2 seater, doesn't bother me and I'd have no problem sky diving ... I figure it's because there's nothing else around to associate depth with like a building or whatever.
  5. FWIW, I'm on my 3rd set of full dentures. Had all my teeth yanked when I was 22 and replaced with upper and lower dentures. The first set lasted me about 10 years but I had a lot of trouble with them as they were the first set and your gums shrink a lot initially ... should have had them replaced after 5 years. The second set lasted me roughly 25 years. Ones I have now I got around 2010 so 9 years now. Biggest problem I have with them is little hard things getting between the denture and the gum mostly on the bottom ... things like a speck of pepper or anything small and hard ... man that can hurt so I usually have to get to the bathroom and rinse that out. After almost every meal or eating something I will have to pop the dentures out and rinse them off ... things like bread seem to stick ... toffee??? OMG! but I can't resist it LOL What I like about them is I can eat anything including ICE ... apples - no problem, corn on the cob - no problem, you name it, I can eat it (ok leave the joking out of this lol) If I'd had the money along the way, I might have gone for implants.
  6. On top of the snow we already had, yesterday we got another 10 or 11 inches ... 5-6 of it overnight which I had to plow my driveway yesterday morning and then another 4-5 during the day. Pic att'd is after the snow stopped falling yesterday afternoon. Then we got another 3-4 inches last night. NOT complaining coz the snow here is light and easy to clear and frankly, I like the snowy weather in this area. It's not been all that cold (anywhere from +2 to -10), lots of sunshine and very little wind. So glad we're no longer living in the Vancouver area! Our driveway... Looking east towards the river from the driveway... Looking west ...
  7. I wonder if they can shut my "gas" off ....
  8. Yes, I do use an airbrush also ... in fact, I have 3 of them. ... it just depends on what paint and color I'm going to work with or what I want to do ... the "bug" in the pic above was done with an airbrush using a candy orange over silver base. Did the yellow/orang graphic on this truck with the airbrush. I have a home-made spray booth and small compressor in my "hobby room" which is a spare bedroom converted to an office/hobby room.
  9. for y'all in the USA, Hobby Lobby is a good source. Go to their web site and print off the 40% off coupon ... you can use that against the most expensive item you purchase ... and you can do it over and over several times ... just print off a new coupon and go again. for me, due to where I live, I'm limited to some on-line Canadian sources. I don't recall ever seeing a model kit of a Diamond T though ...
  10. @CaseyJ955 Here's a Chevy van I've painted twice and haven't been happy with either result. The first time the paint was too ripply .. caused from holding the spray can too far away and not laying on enough paint ... second time I got good results but didn't care for the graphic design / colors I used. You can see it soaking for the second time in the brake fluid ... It's been there since last night and already the paint is almost ready to fall off.
  11. I use 4 kinds of glue ... Elmer's clear school glue Testors clear parts cement and window maker Super Glue aka Krazy glue ... the gel kind. Tamiya extra thin cement Happy to share my knowledge!
  12. ya ...and strange it doesn't affect the plastic on models.
  13. yes, Christine ... a good kit. look into a product called Bare Metal Foil ... thats what I use for the chrome trim ... also a Molotow liqiud chrome pen painting doesn't always go easy and I've re-done a few because of that. A bit of advice ... stay away from Testor's enamel both brush-on and spray ... their lacquer is ok ... Tamiya brush on lacquer and spray paints are good, Dupli-color is good as well as Krylon spray paint. If you have to re-do (strip old paint), soak the model in DOT 3 or 4 brake fluid for at least 24 hrs ... generally the old paint peels right off.
  14. I oftern get UP before I get out of bed.....
  15. Lookin fwd to seeing your "stuff" ... if you're on facebook, check out this group ... it's where I am a lot. https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheNewModelersClub/
  16. Here's a few of the more recent ones ... since we moved here in Sept last year I've built 17 and have 4 in various stages of completion. The bug has a front mounted Ford 4.6 litre supercharged, intercooled V8 sitting on chassis and driveline components from a '68 Camaro Z28 and yes, the hood fits LOL
  17. Sorry, no Kruis'n this year ... maybe 2020. Nope, haven't moved back into a 5er ... yet! LOL but if I keep spending money on model cars we might have to!
  18. Where I've been ... (well maybe not but anyhoo ...) Aside from being totally engrossed in model car building I'm now fully emerged in studying to become a licensed tax preparer. ASSUMING I pass my exams I'll be working full-time from beginning of Feb thru end of April. I do hold a certificate in tax preparation now; however, that was wayyyyy back in 1990 ... methinks some things have changed since LOL ... not to mention I've only done my own taxes both personal and self-employed since. Gawd there's a LOT to know !!! Did you know, for instance, that a teacher can deduct certain out-of-pocket expenses for his/her classroom? As an example, they can deduct crayons but they can't deduct a fish and a fish tank ... yet they can deduct food for the fish !!! hahaha I just find that hilarious!
  19. Because of all the money my wife saves on things she buys, we should be rich .... emphasis on "should" ....
  20. Does anyone know of anyone who puts LIVE deer meat in the freezer? :Laugh:
  21. Just finished applying the other colors ... now for some clear coats, wet sanding, and polishing ... TAXI anyone?
  22. here's what the application of "Bare Metal Foil" looks like (I just finished applying it to this model)
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