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  1. Lift adapter for tour deluxe or venture. $50.00, you must pickup. Coats 220 tire changer in great condition for $300.00 . Static balancer with a box of weights $85.00. No shipping . I Live in Kennett, Mo and phone is 573-888-4409 All listed items work great.Thanks
  2. Great Shape $40.00 plus shipping.:225:
  3. Thanks for all of your help. This site is Grrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!!!!!!:cool10::cool10:
  4. :cool10:I mean something to hold the rpms at 2500 -3000 isn't that the right rpm to syn. Thanks Larry:cool10:
  5. Thanks for all of your help. Is there a device to hold the rpms steady when syncing the carbs. When you are doing it by yourself, there should be a throttle clamp of some sort or some way to keep precise rpms. Thanks again Midnight ryder:cool10::cool10:
  6. I am a less than a year member of this site(Its been Great). I will be leaving home tomorrow (If weather Permits), from Southeast Missouri and going to the Cincinnati area(to see my son). I have a 2006 rstd with 7800miles on it and would like some help syncing the carbs. I would gladly drive out of route to get this done and I would make it worth the time. Thanks if you can help.....The bike runs great, but I am having a little vibe in floor boards and tank. Thanks Larry:cool10::cool10:
  7. Hello everone, I have a in warrenty 06 rsmtd last week the dealer installed a new smaller gear that meshes with the gear on the clutch basket. The chirp was reduced for about 100 miles, then it came back. I called the dealer to report the chirp was back and he said he would call Yamaha and get back with me which he did. He gave me Yamaha's customer service number and said he has done all he could do. Now I need advice on what I should do next. Thanks for all of your help:sick: Midnight ryder
  8. Well, here is a new twist on a old problem. I just got my 06 rsmtd from the yamaha dealer. Instead of replacing the clutch basket, they replaced the gear that meshes with the clutch. Compared with how it sounded before ,which was very loud. Now the chirping has not totally gone, but it is much, much better. This was a warrenty repair so it only cost me the transportation to haul it there (140 miles). Now I have the bike that I wanted, a great, great bike. Midnight Ryder :cool10::cool10:
  9. Hi!, My name is Larry and I live in the Bootheel of Missouri. A month ago I traded my 1300c for a 06 rsmtd. The 06 had 3300 miles on it and I consider it as close to new as you could get. It does have the loud clutch chirp, which I will deal with later. This site has been a great help in learning about the new bike (to me). I have added the Harley lic. plate bracket and lights and I have a set of RK mufflers to add. My question is: How do you save the soft gasket material that is around the head pipe? or do you just buy new if you decide to put the stock pipes back on. I will be adding more to the profile soon. And thanks for all of your help. Larry
  10. I have a 06 RSMTD that I just bought. It has 3,000. miles on it. I should have driven faster that 35 mph before I traded. At 55mph you can't harley hear youself think. I am the second owner and there is two years of warrenty left on the bike. Did warrenty replace the clutch basket or was it out of pocket. This is a Great Bike, if I can quiet the chriping. If anybody can quide me I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks Midnight Ryder
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