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Rear Lighting

Motorcycle Mike

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10 minutes ago, etcswjoe said:

Well, if that's the case the LED bar between the helmet locks works well and the trunk wing if you can find one.  I also put accent lights on the saddle bags, will have to look up the parts its been a minute. 

He can't do the LED light bar Hannigan used up that space.

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Here's what I did: 

The Custom Dynamics LED/control module is very good.  Its programmable and I have mine set to quickly flash the brakelight for 3 seconds before going solid.  Their customer service is phenomenal too.  A few months ago the left side blinker was blinking slow.  I emailed them on a Saturday morning, for whatever reason, not expecting to hear back until Monday, at the earliest.  Got a response back same day!  It ended up being a bullet connector that came disconnected on the front blinker and caused some weird load imbalance on the controller, which has some smarts built into it to at least tell me something was wrong.

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I have one of these on my luggage rack as a tail light. They are made as a turn, tail, brake light on a 4 wire system. Very bright.  

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8 hours ago, Motorcycle Mike said:

I found these. I can get them just about any length I need.


Any body have experience with them?

Pictures look identical to the custom dynamic one I installed.  My guess would be they all come out of one factory over yonder and then get shipped to different resellers.

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