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update for anyone who is interested


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today, jeannie ate her first solid food, in almost three weeks!

all four of her doctors, told her she is definitely a "diabetic", with no diabetic tendencies.

she has lost 42 pounds!

about half of which, was fluid.

down to a lean ,mean, 151 pounds!


her lymphoma, appears to be "only in the bone marrow", and easily treated, with a high success rate!

Dammn, i'm happy!

i should have planned on going back to work a week ago!

thank you all again, and again, for all the prayers, good thoughts, and most of all , the pm's ,phone calls, and moral support!

just jt

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WOW, this made my day. Thanks for keeping us posted and hope you and your wife have continous improvements.





I hope you really didn't thing anyone was not interested to hear how you and momma are doing. i think we were all hangin' on just waiting to hear the good news!



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We've never met, or shared conversation, but I've been watchin' this thread from the beginning. I can say that my heart went out as I considered the possibility of my dearest heart of 45 years+ and how I would handle the situation you have found yourself in.


My thoughts and prayers immediatly went out as they do for all of the folks here that need them, but I must say I admire your attitude and strength. You are one HELLAVA Trooper. Keep it up. Your Lady is a lucky Gal


Via Con Dios,



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Good, good news to hear. Regarding the "if anyones interested" thing, I offer this:


In this day and time, good news is good news no matter where it comes from. The fact that it comes from one of our own about the love of his life.............How could we NOT be interested?

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