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Domed VentureRider Decals - Any Interest?


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I've always liked the "domed" style decals and am thinking about ordering some of our logo. They would basically look like our small patches (Pictures of those in the VentureRider merchandise area) but these would be domed style decals that are UV stable and designed for outdoor use. Price will depend upon quantity but I'm shooting for about $4.00 each including postage within the USA and probably $4.50 to Canada.


ONLY if enough of you are interested. Here is a picture of one for Buell...ours would NOT say Buell. :)

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Don shoot me an email as I work at a place that does decals and I can hook you up with a better price. We also do embroidery on hats, shirts, Jackets along with digital print and heat transfer vinyl. We also letter cars,trucks and vans and all types of signs. we have a full CNC shop as well that we can do anything even laser etching and engraving.

But regardless You wont get a better deal on decals anywhere and quantity isnt a big deal.

Talk to you soon,


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