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Finally found my RSV replacement ride.

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A 2016 Indian Roadmaster


I had been looking for easier handling ride than my 2008 RSV before I totaled it, so I had purchased a 2015 HD Ultra Limited. Only had the HD a short period before totaling the RSV, so the HD became my everyday ride. It's a nice bike , but after putting around 10K on it this summer, I just don't love it.


About a week ago, the Roadmaster popped up at a local dealer so I went to look at it. I was a little hesitant because I bought a 2015 Roadmaster before I bought the Harley. That bike had a whine and howl coming from the straight cut primary gears that was ridiculously loud. At idle, in any gear, rpm or speed so I brought it back to the dealer I bought it from and he returned my money which I then used to buy the HD.


Anyway, this 2016 Roadmaster is awesome to say the least. There is a little whine from the primary but no where near the 2015. It's noticeable in 1st thru 3rd gear but non-existant 4th thru 6th gear. This thing has gobs of power all the way thru the rpm range, runs super smooth almost to the point that you wonder if there are only 2 cylinders supplying the power, Seat height is low, weight is low, probably the best handling bike I have ridden, suspension is fantastic.


And the best part? My wife absolutely loves it. But then again, so do I.


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Looks good. I have rode a couple on test ride days when they bring the truck. But I am not a big fan of the front fender and the leather trimmed ones. But I could probably learn to live with it. LOL I really like the handling of my Victory Cross Tour vs the RSV but the ride aint quite the same.

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A great looking bike, congrats!


I like the tan seat with lighter colors, but with black and black seat it looks right. Also you can not mistake this bike for anything else, it has it's own distinctive look. I see they spread the jugs out a little to 49 deg, that's gotta be a palpable difference too.


Tell us, where shall you take this mile-eater first?

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That is one beautiful bike! Is all the chrome factory or was it added by previous owner. Thinking about going back to 2 wheels, that beauty could be a contender.

Very Nice


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