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  1. I was driving pass the local ice joint ,no I didn't stop, anyway there was a Harley sitting out front with a strange paint job for a Harley. What I mean to say is it was not a Harley original BUT it had a first gen truck on it, painted to match of course. I must say it sure made that Harley look good. Gives a new meaning for "Harley look-a-like":big-grin-emoticon: BOO
  2. My mom has been building and painting these step stools for each of her grandchildren over the past several years. My daughter has one with some flowers and a few fancy decorations. My son has one with a Disney Cars theme. I think my nephew has one with a spiderman theme, and my other neice has a pixie fairy theme. My mom also built one for when the grandkids are at her house (harley davidson theme). There is a storage compartment under the top step where my son loves to hide stuff. My kids have been kicking theirs around for three or four years now. they have been pretty durable. Soon I will be tucking them away in the attic for safe keeping. This is the latest one, a Peter Rabbit theme and is certainly the best one yet. Hand built and painted by my mother. (The background is painted, the actual charactors are stickers) The whole thing has a thick clear coat. http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y191/Ggerg1186/Step%20Stools/4a640d12.jpg http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y191/Ggerg1186/Step%20Stools/64a5119f.jpg http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y191/Ggerg1186/Step%20Stools/50dc6d24.jpg http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y191/Ggerg1186/Step%20Stools/50dc6d24.jpg http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y191/Ggerg1186/Step%20Stools/00ac2e44.jpg http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y191/Ggerg1186/Step%20Stools/8db6e5bc.jpg http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y191/Ggerg1186/Step%20Stools/51a97cba.jpg
  3. I'm looking to get a mc tag made for the front of my trailer. Don't need it to try to be leagal or anything like that just want it to look cool. Was thinking of hveing one painted to say p8trmn. Anyone do this type of work or now someone who does. Let me know . Any other ideas are more than welcome also. thanks mucho... David
  4. i got a real good deal on a new nolan helmet but wasnt the color i needed. so after researching on here how to, i did it. came out great. thanks for the sharing. ligthly sanded with 500 wet sand paper but didnt wet it, wiped off with acetone, painted it with krylon fusion paint. next day sprayed it with krylon crystal clear. happy with results.
  5. Hello all, Here are photos of my bike being painted. Now I have to reassemble it. I hope it not take that long. Kevin Wisor 99 rsv Jacksonville, FL
  6. This weekend I tried to repaint the gas flap because it was badly faded. I prepped the flap with a scuff pad and wiped it down with a tack cloth. As soon as I started spraying, the paint blistered as if I had put paint remover on it. I let the paint dry and sanded it smooth, then tried it again. It did it again. I'm stumped. The paint I was using is Dupli color. I was hoping if this small paint job worked out I would do one panel at a time, until I had the whole bike painted. Does anyone have an idea what might be causing this? Do you think it is just a reaction between the old and the new paint? I wish I could provide pictures, but the camera is broken. Bill
  7. i am getting my new piggy backer thurs. i would like to paint it before i put it together the same color as my vr , has anybody painted one before ? did the paint stick ? what kind of primer did you use ? Thom
  8. My 83 standard had a radio mounted in it when I got it using a plastic cover from Cycle Sound. Over the years it got in bad shape. I made a cover similar to the one shown and the radio went straight down. I then made a stiffer one and made it so the radio mounted at a 30 degree angle. This made the CD work better and made it also easier to get the CD's out and even change them on the run. I have taken some pictures to help anyone contemplating doing this. It is a bit of work and I did use some good thick aluminum sheet. When I was finished making what I wanted, I painted it with black "wrinkle" paint. This give it a surface texture and covers some of the blemishes. As you can see, I also installed some switches. These go to my fog/running lights, the rear light bars, the radar detector and two sets of strobe lights in the headlight bucket. RandyA
  9. My insurance company has made me a settlement offer on my wrecked '03 RSV. I also have the option of buying the bike back. The only things that are salvageable are the engine, (still runs good) seats, trunk, (has two repairable cracks) saddle bags, (need to be painted) rear fender and all the parts on the rear 1/2 of the bike. The bag rails are usable but would need to be re-chromed which would cost more than buying new ones. They could by painted I suppose. My question is what is the market for these parts and how much money are they worth? I know the trunk and saddle bags would probably sell pretty fast but what about the engine? I would probably keep the extra wheels but the front one would have to be checked really well for damage.
  10. Here are some pics taken yesterday of the first F35 Lightning II STOVL. It was just painted. This is the program I'm currently assigned to.-Jack
  11. i'm gonna have to trade my '86, in on a h.d.! those guys, can ride everyday in shorts, t-shirts, sandals, and NEVER a helmet. never see or hear of them guys getting creamed by a blue haired old lady in a new caddy! i think , there is a "subliminal" ,"bulls eye", painted on ALL big yamahas, that only "non-riders", can see! it is getting to a point, where just going out for an afternoon ride, is too risky, let alone an all out long distance tour! just jt
  12. I have a '99 RSV. The paint is starting to show some age (I guess the previous owner didn't keep it waxed) so I am thinking of painting it. If I do paint it, I want to change the colors. Does anyone have pics of custom painted RSV's to help give me some ideas? I have some thoughts but most of them have come from custom painted HDs. I would not mind some average-joe mistaking my bike for a HD but I also want fellow RSV riders to recognize my bike as what it is. Just looking for Ideas,:lightbulb:I am not trying to copy anyone.
  13. Saw Bud (Circuit Rider) at our swap meet today. As you may recall he sold his RSV and bought a new Goldwing and had a Hannington sidecar put on it. It's an orange bike with the side hack painted to match. It is one Gorgeous bike, very sweet. Wish I had had a camera to take some pictures. Jerry
  14. I know that many of you had elected to do your own paint jobs, on your VR's, and I wish that I could do the same. I, however, do not have a heated garage and (during the off-season) I would really like to have my bike repainted. First off, I don't really like this 'off-pinkish & red (trunk & saddlebags) paint, and would like to have it painted black, with maybe some silver accents. To be honest, just having it painted a solid black would be fine. At some point, later on, I could probably do the accents myself. But I wondered if anyone here knew of a good place (somewhere near Amherst, NY) where I might be able to check out. Also a price for same, providing that information is also known. Thanks.
  15. Hello, I am trying to track down the lack of turn signal on my 1991 I have checked all fuses and connections-the bike is almost skinless should I consider replacing the signal relay?-its $130.00!! The front "turn signal" lights are fine in a runny light condition-but no turn signal. The back siganl lights give me nothing-all bulbs are new I worked hard all winter to get the bike painted and detailed-just bought it last year BUT I can't ride in Cleveland Ohio without turnsignals Your input would be greatly appreciated
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