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  1. Aren't we all just bigger kids There are more if you move up a bit...HERE
  2. Something for the Kids..... Found HERE
  3. First problem - You live in Ontario Second Problem - You live in a city You can only compare insurance rates to those in a similar situation but then that could be way off as well. It's all based on where you live, your record, years of insured riding, experience, value of bike, typical cost of repairs to that specific bike, theft probability, own outright, or financed, insured type (pleasure or main transportation) etc..... I move from a large city (500,000 people) in 2000 to a smaller town (25,000 people) and my insurance dropped quite a bit. My neighbor, got his M1 and wanted to buy a 2008 Honda Shadow 750. His insurance quotes were from $5000 to 1800 a year. He ended up dropping the whole idea and let his M1 lapse. He just couldn't afford a bike payment and insurance. I pay $374yr for PL/PD with 2 mil on it. If I add collision it jumps to $780 a year for my 2002 Roadstar. The PL/PD charge hasn't changed since I moved in 2000. Even though I went through a 86 Intruder to a 85 Virago to the 85 Venture and now the 2002 Roadstar.
  4. I use to work in the business as well (long time ago) and there were places in Toronto called "Do it Yourself Garage". They rented out the bays and paint booth to the DIY'er. I googled that in your area and found on in Surrey. Give them a shout and see if that is actually what they offer. BC's Do It Yourself Garage 3-13521 76 Avenue Surrey, BC V3W 2W3 (604) 591-5889
  5. I just took a standard 12v opener and soldered two wires to the switch then ran them through the switch for my fog lights. To activate the opener I just have to flip the fog light switch on and off.
  6. When I changed the fork seals last winter I polished my fork lowers as well. I used a paint stripper called Circa 1852 and brushed it on to the lowers. In 30 seconds to a minute the clear all started to bubble off and all I had to do was wipe them down to remove it. Wear gloves for this as the paint stripper will burn your skin. I too used the bench grinder fit with buffing wheels. But all I had to use was the red stick to get the finish that I wanted. It took roughly 30-45 minutes for each tube but It was worth it! http://www.scrc209.com/images/cancruiser/venture/forks.JPGhttp://www.jamestowndistributors.com/userportal/woeimages/00007313.jpg
  7. If you bought that tire and had it installed by the dealer this year, I would be taking it back and having them replace it. There is no way a new tire should crack like that in the same year. I see venom's around here that were put on last year, sat around all winter in -30 temperatures and are still good today.
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