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  1. Congrats on The new ride Don but it will be strange having you at the back of the group trying to catch up when we go to dinner on Friday night next year. Glad to know you will be keeping the Venture. Now we will not have to worry about how you will get to the HD shop to get replacement parts. Now we know you have a trailer to pull behind that thing but the real question is when you will you get the trailer to put it on. I mean we would like to see you at the meets that would be a long distance ride for that thing. You know, the ones that are more than 100 miles away. Finally, you will now be able to save money with that thing. Now you will not have to spend the money on AAA RV package to get the 100 mile tow coverage. You now will not have to worry about being that far away from home on that thing.
  2. Was riding into Winslow AZ from the south and ran into a small storm throwing lightning out. Lightning was hitting about 3-4 miles off and storm was parallel to the highway. Nothing out there, and I do mean nothing. I was totally out in the open. All I could do was keep riding. Probably one of the most worrisome times I've ever had. I don't mind rain but lightning is a whole different beast. Just because it is not shooting lightning right over you doesn't mean diddly doo. A storm can toss lightning many miles away from it. If they are in the area and I can get inside I do so.
  3. A MONTH AND A HALF without new goodies. Ah what a harsh time this must be for him. I think he not only HAS to have whatever Larry comes up with but he probably should have some pin stripping thrown in for good measure. Compensation for mental anguish and all you know.
  4. Ok I won't but you sure got me started. We have TONS of bicycle riders in our area every weekend and holidays as well as wanna be Tour de France riders on any nice day. I have actually spoken to them to find out where they live and have yet to meet one that lives within 15 miles of here. When I ask them why they do not ride in their neighborhoods they say that there are to many cars in their area. Our area is narrow two lane rutted potholed roads but they think it is "safer" here. To pass them l have to cross the yellow line (which is technically illegal) and expose myself to oncoming traffic. They hold back traffic but do they get a ticket for obstruction of traffic? Why if course not. They don't pay road taxes here because they don't live here and they don't buy gas here so why the hell should they have unrestricted control over the roads. There are roads that have adequate shoulder space but they "don't want to ride there" so instead they ride on these roads. While I know it is legal it's not very smart and jeopardizes all other traffics safety. It legal for me to ride my motorcycle in Manhattan but it wouldn't be very smart or safe of me to do so now would it? We have once again been forced to accept a stupid practice by the few and are defined as loudmouth dummies if we oppose it. Why do I have to endanger myself for the choice of a stupid practice? Why do I have to allow my road tax monies to be spent on a road system (bike lanes) that is not supported financially by the actual users? Why do I have to accept all this in my neighborhood when they don't and won't use their own neighborhoods. Why are they not ticketed for obstructing traffic where I would be if I drove around at low speed everywhere I went? i am not "anti-bicycle" but I am anti-stupid and arrogant! Ride on roads that allow adequate safety without obstructing traffic? Don't force me to endanger myself just to get around you. Don't expect special treatment of road usage without financially supporting that road system. And lastly just because you can doesn't mean you should.
  5. I rode mine from the east coast to the west coast with a blown shock. Pumped the air up to 50 psi and off I went. Only time it really bothered me was in higher speed corners say above 60 mph then got a bit of wiggle. I will say that the ride did continue to deteriorate (or at least it felt like it did) and I replaced the shock as soon as I got back to the west coast.
  6. On the rear brakes the inside pads will wear faster than the outside pads. When the inside pad gets down to about half of the outside pad you can switch them around therefore giving you a bit longer life on the rear pads. If you leave the plastic dust cover off the rear brake you can look down into the pads from the top with the saddlebag open to see the widths of the brake pads. You will need a good flashlight to do this but you will not need to crawl around on the ground to check your rear brake pads. When you change your rear tire you can put a 45 degree filler in place of the 90 degree and set it to the right side of the bike. Way easier to check your tire pressure before a ride.
  7. 2006 here same thing happened. At a meet and eat I showed it to someone and they said here let me fix it. Grabbed the lid and pushed it up to 90 degrees. Presto it was fixed. Seems scary to do it and if they had told me what they were doing I would have freaked out but the fix is actually that easy.
  8. Our deepest condolences go out to Dan and his family. May his hurting heart be stilled and his tears be dried by knowing the love he is surrounded by in his time of sorrow.
  9. The answers are 1) A 2) B 3) B 4) C 5) A 6) True 7) True 8) False 9) Never 10) None of the above No need to thank me. Your Welcome.
  10. Don't trust the stealership when they say the suspension is fine. What you are describing also happened to me and it was the rear shock. Feels like the back end is doing the Watusi in the corners and you will feel every swell in the road. All reports I have read, as well as my own experience, of the steering bearing being lose showed up at about 30mph not in the corners at normal cruising speeds.
  11. I have the F4 and have about 50,000 miles and 5 years on it now. It is as good as the day I got it. The rain beads of in a fan shape and is very easy to see through in rain. It is nice that you can use RainX on it which helps tremendously. I also apply the RainX to the inside and have never had a fogging problem.
  12. Oh Don Don Don when will you ever learn? Of course you need our help. With out it think how boring your life would actually be.
  13. I use a cord with a push button device like you would find on a sleeping bag. Used a rubber band for a while but this works better, last longer and looks better.[ATTACH]77741[/ATTACH]
  14. I will be in Tupelo tonite if anyone in the area wants to meet for dinner. Plan around 700p. I will be at the Comfort Inn. leave a pm with your contact info and ill call when I get there.
  15. Well the bag top WAS open when you got there . . .
  16. There is a all breakfast place in LaGrange about 6 or 7 min from Freebirds. Near the train tracks mom and pop type place with a fair size and price on the meals. Ride Happy, Ride Safe
  17. She has her CW Permit now . . . Crazy I may be:banana: . . . Stupid I am not
  18. I have a king size bed non-smoking room for Friday and Saturday night at the Oberlin Inn. My wife can't make the trip so I don't need the larger bed. If someone wants to swap out for a double bed non-smoking room for those two nights at the Oberlin Inn drop me a pm. Ride Happy, Ride Safe
  19. 1 XL here please grey if possible or what ever color you chose Ride Happy, Ride Safe
  20. I added the risers to my bars today and already love them. However there is one problem now. My clutch is now slipping, which it did not do before. I did the clutch friction plates and the spring last year and the fluid is in great condition and at proper level. Just started doing it as soon as I did the riser addition. Ideas, thoughts, suggestions? Never mind. Senior moment here. I have a string retainer for my cell phone holder on the left side. This string had fallen between the clutch handle and the housing therefore not allowing the clutch lever to fully seat thus the clutch would not fully engage. $5 to the DUH fund when I get home.
  21. There's sleeping in . . . and then there's sleeping the day away. Oh yeah forgot the advancing years thing makes that a blurry line for some. ;-p Ride Happy, Ride Safe
  22. Douse it Seafoam and tape it shut with duct tape. That should fix it just fine. Ride Happy, Ride Safe
  23. Hey welcome back great to see ya again Ride Happy, Ride Safe
  24. We don't need a GPS to find you Mini. All we have to do is look for Don looking over his shoulder all day and we know you will be nearby ;-p Ride Happy, Ride Safe
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