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  1. Just got in from a SUPER CELEBRATION with the kids!! What did miss? Hey @videoarizona,,, THANK YOU for the Christmas Card I found in the mail today! Tippy loved and so did I!! By the way,, absolutely NO PROBLEMBO with repurposing old business Christmas Cards,, IMHO - it was my favorite card so far LOL.. Glad to hear the foot is better @Flyinfool,, now stay off and follow doctors orders!! Nice to be back! Puc
  2. When it comes to a "carb rebuild", even if it was done right, you do the rebuild and then store it improperly and it still needs a carb rebuild even if was only driven home from the shop. From what I have seen the only reason these things need a carb rebuild is cuz the owner does not know how to properly store it in the first place. A 3 year old carb rebuild is ZERO value. The hard part is telling the owner that he wasted all the money he spent on the carb rebuild if he rode it home and parked it.
  3. Here I thought you were off buying a Vette, and have been awaiting pictures. 🤠 Glad you got to spend time with the family. side note: today my daughter driving from Indy back to GA happened to stop at the exit in Bowling Green where the GM Vette plant is , saw a couple Vette haulers, said they were well wrapped, she was excited to tell me about the museum and race track she saw as well.
  4. I was starting to think we were gonna hafta send out a search party for ya, welcome back.
  5. Good to have you back home. I'll send over a fresh batch of WWW to make you feel real home like.......
  6. We were wondering what you were up to Cowpuc! Nice to have you back on the forum!
  7. This reminds of the new potholes in our main road. The rain was relentless and the authority is kinda slow in repairing.
  8. Still waiting to get my '07 running right, just waiting on the rebuilt carbs. Of course, that gives me time to be looking at things I probably shouldn't be looking at, like this! For $1200, seems like a fair enough deal to try out the 1st gen for comparison. Any thoughts on what to look or watch out for? Of course, it looks too good to be true, so there's that....
  9. Thanks for weighing in @cowpuc!! Yes, its the Vacaville bike - now don't go buying it out from under me! Haha! Assuming it lived most its life near Vacaville, yes that's a pretty warm & dry climate so I'm feeling a little less concerned about the frame. And not too terribly concerned about 2nd gear. Was not aware of stator or water pump issues, but not feeling too afraid to tackle those. Fork springs, yeah that makes sense, so I'm game for that too. At this point, I'm just waiting to hear back from the seller to take the next step and go see it in person. @Flyinfool, yep I'm
  10. I'll add this from owning 4 1st gens, one being an 84 MKI. When they are proper tuned, they should scare the crap out of you with how quick they are for a touring bike. I'd love to another 1200 for just my around town running around bike.
  11. Ask the seller if he has any problems with the tranny popping out of 2nd gear....
  12. Well, Marca is home!!! Can still take nourishment, hand out orders, put in requests, and I can't even hide out downstairs because she can climb those as well. Guess things are headed in the right direction. Good to have her back with me, I needed the guidance and direction. Thanks to all of you for doing what you did, Blessings to you all from the Christ of Christmas.
  13. All good so far, new valve is in, at least so I was told and they are missing one in the inventory, so all is good. Thanks for your assistance, sure is nice to have others have your back. Marca presently sleeping it off and getting aquainted with the new part.
  14. Well, my sister's friend passed today. 81 yrs old undergoing chemo for cancer for quite a while. And they also told him to go home and take Tylenol initially. He was a very nice hard working man who grew up on a farm. His kids have done well for themselves. My sister seems to be doing a little better today. They reduced the amount of oxygen she needs. Be careful out there seniors!
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