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WKY Rally 2024


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The Skydoc and company have booked the last room at the Feather and Fin. Here's hoping that we will get to see a few old friends... and hopefully meet some NEW ones! 

I hope to see everyone there!


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2 hours ago, uncledj said:

I keep thinking I'd like to do a Micro Rally up at the cabin in North Central PA but life keeps getting in the way.  I'll be retiring in 4 years and moving closer up towards the cabin and will try to get it done then.

Great area for riding, but the cabin and property won't allow for a bigger event.


Fire pit.jpg


If you build it we will come!!!


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My phone number is in my profile for anyone who needs to contact me. If the number you call from isn’t in my contact list it will send you straight to voicemail. Either leave a message or shoot me a text so I can add you to my contacts. 

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