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Gen 1 and Gen 2 - pros and cons


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1983, Gen 1 MK1 Venture: Fastest of the ventures, lightest, Tallest(?), least cargo capacity. Arguably, the most unique of the family with quick remove luggage and the most comfortable factory seat ever design/produced for any bike, ever.


1986, Gen 1 MK2 Venture Royal: More cargo capacity, more weight less HP/Torque to the road, no quick removal of luggage, still a darn comfortable seat(same as MK1), Still quicker than the Wing and HD.


2006 Gen 2 Royal Star Venture: Still more cargo capacity, still more weight, no quick removal luggage, Different, but still very comfortable seat, Still as quick or quicker than the HD but maybe falling behind the wing a bit.


I find all three iterations to be very stable at highway speeds and much easier to handle in low speed situations than any HD I have ridden. The Gen 2 , while a little lower in general has a higher center of gravity than the Gen 1 due to the more traditional gas tank configuration. The fat factory front tire makes for a slight "flop" feeling at very slow speeds and tight manuevering, while still being quite nimble for such a large bike.


I had a short ride on a Gen 2 Tour Classic and found it to be much more under powered than the three Ventures I own. It looked great and was very comfortable, just lacking in the torque off idle and no real top end. I do not know if that was due to engine design or if it was just a poorly performing specimen.


$0.02, YMMV:cool:

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The Gen 1s are about 80 lbs lighter but they don't feel like it due to the higher seat height and less rake of the front forks. They are also geared lower and will outrun a Gen 2 in a drag race. The seating position is totally different with the upright position of the Gen 1s with your feet under you. The Gen 2s have the foot forward cruiser riding position that is more comfortable for us older (ancient in my case) riders who are getting too familiar with Mr. Arthur Itis.

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The Gen 1 Mk1 bikes have poor brakes on the front. Some owners put Mk 2 front forks/brakes on them. All Gen 1s through 1990 have weak 2 brush starters when they went to 4 brush starters which is another favorite mod.



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I will add the reasons the Gen 2 is slower than the Gen 1:


1: Weight. Gen 2 is over 60lbs heavier.

2: Trannie. The Gen 2 is geared wrong (in my opinion). 4th and 5th are both overdrive gears. The rest of the gears, are taller as well...at least to me...and I own both Gens. Getting off the line is harder on a Gen 2 due to the taller gear. You have to stay out of 5th gear until freeway speeds...and hold the lower gears longer...letting the motor rev...in order to keep the MPG's up.


I have no problem with the larger Gen 2 front tire. In fact, @cowpuc did a video on my bike...slow riding. He took my Gen 2 for a ride with his wife on the back. He showed how easy it is to ride slowly with the proper technique. He is a master at that! I totally agree with his assessment of the Gen 2's slow riding capabilities.


I find the two bikes totally different in terms of rides. Gen 1 has more wind/rain protection due to full frame fairing. Gen 2 has turbulence at knees (rain too) and some what more at helmet. I consider the Gen 1 to be a "Sport Touring" bike. The Gen 2..."Touring".

Gen 1 is taller and more nimble. Gen 2 is cruising style riding.


Both Gens require different riding techniques as well they should. When ridden properly, both will get you across country very nicely, with good MPG's, comfort and very dependable.


So there ya go. Both have Yamaha's reliability. And both have the legendary V4.

Great scoots...


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Gen 1s are a blast on local rides and I love it in the twisties, I just can’t stay in the saddle all day with my legs tucked under me. The gen 2 stretches me out and the seat fits me better for long days. Several 5-800 mile days and my record of 1100 in one day is easily doable on it. I have back issues (2 crushed vertebrae when I was young and invincible) and something about that seat I feel better after a long days ride than I do before it.

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If you are on the short side, like me, you can get flatfoot on a gen 2 alot easier then 1st gen. I have owned both and was never real comfortable whenever I had both feet on the ground. Other then that I think seat/ride position is the biggest difference.



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