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Threads for missing picture attachments


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I started restoring missing picture attachments last week. Like I said, this is going to be a long process. I'm starting with the Tech Library threads and have already restored quite a few of them.


I am going to post a sticky on this thread. What I would like for you to do is post links to this thread to threads that you run across with missing pictures that you feel are most important. To me, that means threads with technical information and etc. that you run across while searching for answers.


After the Tech Libraries, I will be concentrating mostly on the Tech Talk forums. Any threads in the watering holes and other areas will have a much lower priority. Over the years I've always tried to stress that tech posts should be put in the tech talk forums and this us a good example of another reason that is important.


Though I'm starting with the Tech Library, if I see a thread posted here that somebody needs in order to help with a current issue, I will get on those ASAP. I've already received a few private messages about just that type of thread and have restored them already.


Thanks for your assistance.

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@gggGary , I can't restore any there because I don't think there ever were any added. Here is another thread where he added a couple though.



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