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  1. That's really um comprehensive? LOL I've had about 7 ventures of all gens and only one wing, it was a brand new 75 with no motor! went on to a collector as an organ donor.
  2. Ride report! 'specially comparo to the venture.
  3. just rode a hunert miles, after new tires a set of progressive fork springs and the compressor board resolder that's ALL i've done since I bought it from the widder lady, ride it. Only 3K miles by me 42K total, and there's a winter list but nothing atrocious. Oh I did unbend and adjust the handlebars an improvement for sure but maybe one more position tweak to be done yet. Sure would like to go to floorboards.
  4. This A generous member donated an extra set of bars several years ago, finally got around to using them. Straightened the bend "quite a bit" with oxy-acetylene and shortened them 2 1/2". Took a couple times to get them adjusted where I was happiest but much better now! Also removed the lead weights, so far that's just fine. Grips are Siligrips my favorites! Also snagged a used Barnett clutch conversion and a new gasket off fleabay. She would only slip at hard throttle above 4500 RPM but I do that sometimes.
  5. Put Progressive fork springs in, no spacers. Changed fork oil. Old oil made a pretty metallic swirl in the pan. Changed handlebar position long as it was all apart. Up and forward not perfect but prolly better. Bike is sitting much higher, side stand stance isn't dangerously upright now. Ride seems fine even at zero air pressure in fork. Anti-dive still plugged in gotta play with that one O these daze.
  6. Got this from a widder lady, the shortest easiest wake up drill EVER. Now have about 2K miles on including a great camping trip to the UP, biggest upgrades, work; LED headlight, removed radio to make room for a "glove box", resoldered air suspension controller board, RAM mount for 396 Garmin. new tires 777HD rear, random Shinko rear I had on the front. Got rid of the big floor boards on the crash bars put on on smaller pegs that won't dig in on corners, cleaning grime from underside. new windshield, Spent more time digging wax residue out of emblem crevices than anything else.
  7. This, Think it will work fine just bent some soft steel wire, flattened the screw loops with a hammer.
  8. Just stripped cleaned and reassembled the slave on a 99 Venture when it started leaking bad, was still working fine a year or two later when I sold the bike. Looks like I'll be doing this on the 90 one of these days.
  9. Thought I'd mention, before doing a delink try this: The front brake lever has an adjustment screw. Ignore the boilerplate from Yamaha and adjust the lever so the reach is comfortable when you have full brakes applied. I did this last night, turned it out prolly three full turns, even with grip puppies, still had plenty of lever to apply force without hitting the grip. I might just be able to live with the split braking system now. I don't ride the Venture for corner strafing. Hand lever is enough for most stops and add the foot for serious gotta haul it down now moments.
  10. Gen 1, MK1 and MK2 = 11-1112 Gen 2 = 11-1144 #luvmy40 Thanks for the correction! Anyone use OTHER springs? like from a Harley or sump'n? Asking for a COB, cheap old b_____
  11. Anyone add a switch to the anti dive electrics for some AB? testing? wheres the best place to do a switch or disconnect? Thanks for the heads up on two different front caliper sizes I did not know that! I'm experiencing a somewhat random "crash" from the front end, hit a bump ripple etc and BAM sounds, feels like I hit a wall. Not getting a strong brakes on correlation with the bangs. And I'm not holding front air pressure, pump it, ride and check, it's back to zero, not sure where to look first. I have little clue as to maintenance history of this bike. Pads are good, no evidence of fork s
  12. RSV or Yamaha? Just spooned a Shinko 777B on the 90 but thinking for this barge a car tire might work IF I can find one that fitz. A quick look around wasn't promising.
  13. Cuz I'm lazy, can you just delink the rear MC, cap port to front use it for just the rear? Does it get too touchy? is there still a de-link "kit" available? Checked the bins and I have a pair of braided lines to do the front, need to dig for a dual length banjo bolt.
  14. So the 90 royal crashes into sharp road imperfections like a locomotive into a brick wall. In random order Get rid of the anti dive? Been trying be sure NO brakes before railroad tracks, LOL Get rid of the air assist add stiffer springs. Maint 101, change oil, seals etc.? LOL Air is bleeding down fairly quickly but bike just woke from a 10 year slumber and it seems like the rate of air leaking out has declined in last few days, 300 miles. No evidence of fork oil leak, so far I have not been brave enough to pry back the gators, Put on a new front tire rear on order. Metzlers were like
  15. mind telling what fixed it? Mine's out again. It's been in and out about 4 times so far. I have a used vacuum pump, I haven't put that on yet.
  16. Walked by it on the way to the skidsteer to plow the driveways. It's a mess, I rode it in march when there was still a bunch of sand salt on the roads.
  17. Turned 20,000 miles on the 99 I put on half that in the last year.
  18. Going to be finding out..................... What could go wrong?
  19. A cheapy H4 bulb from fleabay $3.50 SHIPPED!!!! EDIT: price drop it's now $2.98 I ordered three more just cuz! It's mounted in an oddball headlight shell on an XS650, The cooling fins for this bulb are INSIDE the lens so it's very low profile in the back. The XS headlight shell is quite shallow. probably best with a metal reflector not a plastic one. original H4 hi, low then the LED hi , low. Put it on the wifes XS650 she mostly just goes back and forth to work on it. Mainly installed to increase voltage at low RPM, she's a putzer AND all short rides. I haven't night road tested it but
  20. After your heart rate came back down you realized it was playing a game of hide and go seek behind the tree! While traveling camping I often leave my bike with everything at remote trail heads while hiking there's always at least a slight worry about burglers.
  21. My 99 is coming up on 20K should take a look at the pump points, maybe jus' fo S&G throw a typical automotive condenser across them? Hmm this seems relevant. http://www.team.net/sol/tech/SU-diode.html
  22. I tried the kludge bearing snug on the 99 then in a thousand miles she was ugly, notchy loose. turns out my 99 had tapered bearings in it and "too tight" destroyed them. replaced with allballz made sure they were fully seated and it's all good now.
  23. will throw this in here........ These are PMA alternators, full output full time (as soon as revs come up) The regulator dumps any unneeded output to the frame. So; if you have reduced loads (LEDS) and a high output stator. the poor ole regulator is going to take a beating.. We've been running into this on another MC forum guys change to big watt PMA alternators then use LED lighting and few other loads, the regulators are about as reliable as hand grenades.
  24. No biggie either way, do the resting battery test then start the bike and do the voltage while running tests. or do the running tests then the resting battery test later. The charging diagram, really no way to "jumper" the regulator to force full charging.
  25. How good is that battery? My first suspect with over heated stator connectors is a weak battery or other "too heavy" loads making the charging system work too hard.
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