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  1. After being blessed with a beautiful baby boy 19 years ago, I decided to sell my '99 Venture due to not being able to get the 'what if' thought out of my head every time I rode it. Ironically, it was my wife who said "don't sell it, you love that bike". I can still hear her saying those words to this day. I think she also loved it, we took many trips together up/down the coast, Yosemite, Mt. Lassen and Shasta, beautiful country and amazing rides. At times I wished I'd kept it and took my son riding, but baseball was his passion in life from when he was 2 years old, so we ended up spend
  2. STEP 1 Start by checking if you have power at the ign switch with the key off you should have at least one live wire going to the switch if not you will have to back track the red wire to see were the failure is. If it is good you need to start making sure all your ground connections are good. STEP 2 Start by connecting a booster or any other heavy cable from the battery neg to the engine block (this is to eliminate any possible ground issues) Next jump the the large cable coming from the battery to the large cable going to the starter, key does not need to be on your only checking to
  3. Awesome Story! Mine is similar, right down to the '07 Venture. Enjoy your rides!
  4. @PastorCurt wait, are we still talking motorcycles here?😇
  5. All this info is great! Thanks guys. Another thought I’ve had recently and this is for everyday carry as well is a compact umbrella or two. Aside from the obvious rain protection I’m thinking more for use against the sun, especially doing a roadside repair. It’s difficult to do anything with the desert sun beating down on you let alone see through the sweat.
  6. I have a similar jump pack that I picked up at Costco a few years ago. It’s successfully turned over my Expedition in freezing conditions and actually saved mine and the kids ass when stuck in the left turn lane of a seven lane interchange on an overpass over I15.
  7. They forecast us 12”-20”. Only got 5-6, I’ll count that as a win. Snow rarely lasts a week here, riding today and going fishing Saturday.
  8. Nice to know I'm in such good company! I started on a Honda CM450 ~1989, upgraded to a couple of larger Shadows, then the 1100 Yamaha Virago. Was planning a 5-day trip with a couple of friends in '99 and starting thinking I needed something different for such a trip. I was 31 years old then and the idea of a big touring bike was not even within the realm of my thinking. That was when I walked into a Yamaha dealer and started looking at their bigger star cruisers. I called my wife who happened to be nearby and asked her to come give me her opinion of the bikes I was looking at & s
  9. As long as the charger ground was not still connected to the bike, the two (charger & bike) electrical systems were isolated from each other and 12v didn't go back into the frame. This would be the same as putting two D-cell flashlight batteries together + to - end. As long as you do not connect their other ends together, you have not completed a circuit for current to flow and nothing will happen. Connect those other ends with a wire and yes, fireworks.
  10. Looks like we oughta have our own section here. I started riding in 1969, rode til shortly after our first daughter was born in 1981, then sold the bike I had then (late '70s Honda 750 Super Sport). We re-joined the "Never Say Never" riding community again in 2017 when we found our present ride...a very-well cared for, 1 owner 2000 RSV. Funny how the years, the aches and the worries went away.
  11. This story sounds so on track with me. I also took an 18 yr. hiatus from riding. Not all from family things but I just lost interest. In late 04 the itch got under my skin and in May of 05 I bought my brothers 03 Venture and put 96,000 miles on it so far.
  12. You know to win a pile of money would make like more and easier ... But I tell myself that I already won big in 2010 I had a fast growing set of tumours on my liver and the team of 5 doctors told me I had 4 days before the cancer would explode on my liver and that if they did not operate in the next 24 hours they could no longer help me ... At 5 am the next morning they started 8 hours of surgery , they removed the liver from my body and then removed a part of my liver to remove all the ugly stuff and put the liver back in my body .. When I woke up I saw the chemo bott
  13. Today I took my youngest on her first ride. She loved it, she thought it was so cool when other riders would wave and I would wave back.
  14. Name of Restaurant Rockton Tavern Street Address S2463 Rockton Road City Lafarge State or Province WI Website (Optional) - Quality of Food Great Quality of Service Great Biker Friendly? (Parking, Trusted Location, Etc.) Yes Kind of Food? (Mexican, Chinese, etc.) American Alcohol Served? Yes Additional Comments The bar is north of Lafarge on Highway 131. You can Google Rockton Bar for a web site.They have a Barbeque chicken on Sunday that is great . They recommend reservations for Sunday they start to serve at 1pm till gone. As you come across the bridge there is
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