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Passenger Highway Pegs


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Anyone have any experince with the Pass. highway pegs. We're using the bike more and more for vacations and the wife would like to be able to stretch her legs a bit. Any isues with them? They look as if they would interfer with your legs if you were stopped, just standing up holding the bike?


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Pick: The diamond R pegs are pretty and work well as long as your passenger is of the smaller variety. Bev is 6 ft and tried those but didnt really like to ride with her knees in her chin. After 2 years of trying to find aftermarket pegs she gently proded me into making her some. :buttkick: Here is the post. http://venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=16960

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I bought a set of the Diamond R. As mentioned above, they work great for shorter legs. Jan is tall and has long legs.


I removed the center bolt and remounted the passenger pegs in a permanent forward position. It took a little be for me to adjust to them being there but it works.


They still leave Jan with her knees upward so she takes a set of soccer shin guards on the back of her legs and is able to stretch out. If I need to stop she has to pull up her legs but otherwise it works great!!



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I have the Diamond R ones on my bike and they look good and my wife really likes them. If you want to see a picture I will post tonight when I get home.

As XV1100SE said above those O rings really look good. I plan on getting some.

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Anyone have any luck finding a pair for a V-Star 1300??


I have been look all over and Diamond doesn't make them anymore??





Did you try contacting Addon Accesories, they may know or be willing to accept a return if he ones here do not work. https://addonaccessories.net/footres...nger-pegs.html


Worth asking he question.

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