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My daughters death on 8/30/2019

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Oh Brother I am sorry to be late here. I offer you my deepest sympathy. Things happen in the world every day that we cannot understand. The death of a child is a huge hole in your heart, I can only guess. Prayers are with and I can only say that our God has a better plan. In such a case be glad that there was no pain for her. Stay strong and keep the faith. This is no comfort from any of our words here, but I pray that God takes this pain from you guides you as to why he had need of her spirit so soon.

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I just saw this posting and it broke my heart to hear the pain in his writing.

I have 3 girls, all grown and I cannot imagine the pain of losing any of them.

My heart breaks for you man, but don't give up, your daughter wouldn't want that for you.

Anything else I say from here on out is just not enough to end your pain.

My sincere hope you get through this and live to enjoy your daughter's memory.



aka Steve

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Just caught this myself. I feel real bad for you and her mother. I have 3 girls two boys and 6 grand childre and I have no idea how I would deal with something like this nor do I ever want to find out. Prayers for you and your wife.

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