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  1. I did mine at 15,000 miles. The job is not as bad as you think. The front coil bracket must be removed to remove the front valve cover. I can be a pain to get access to the front screw. I used a 1/4 inch drive ext about 16 inches long and and came down from the top by the handlebars. I put a little tape on hex socket for a tight fit otherwise screw will come off and good luck trying to find it. There is a procedure for draining the tank in the service manual. Follow it. The whole job took me about 8 hrs. Should be alot less next time. A lot of work just to find out the valves di
  2. It had me in Ontario. I used the my location feature and now it has me back in Minnesota. Nice feature.
  3. Yes, the top nut has a pretty good torque. The bearing nuts not so much
  4. I always use a test light along with the meter. It is good to have a load on the circuit.
  5. If all I am doing to the bike is an oil change, I will back up the rear tire on a 2x4. Have another 2x4 handy to slip under side stand. 1 1/2 inches higher makes a word of difference. Remember when you check the oil, the oil has to be hot to get the correct reading. I check mine after a good long ride.
  6. Your lag doesn't seem normal to me. I am pretty sure mine does not act that way. Try turning the traction control off. There may be a problem with the wire or a sensor on the throttle control.
  7. Like your input. Your starting problem is probably the battery. Dealer can test it.
  8. 62 lbs is way to tight. All I ever did was snug them up good. If you torqued them to 62 ft lbs I don't think you will get them out.
  9. If I remember correctly they are 5mm allen wrench. I would take my best 5mm allen socket on a 3/8 drive extension and insert it into bolt and then pinch the outside with a vise grip and try to turn it.
  10. I had a similar problem on my 2007 RSV. Had to remove carbs twice and never found anything. I did spend a lot of time inspecting needle and seat and also readjusted floats using Vgoose's method and never had another problem. Vgoose float adjustment should be in the tech library. I also changed the routing on the vent lines as I found a spot where I thought they might be pinched a little.
  11. I have friends with Harleys and Indians and there belts are a lot looser than the Venture even though their belt specs are almost the same as Yamaha's spec. I always pull the front pully cover and inspect belt position there. If it is close to the center I am happy.. The bike came with the belt tight on the outside of both the front and rear pulley which isn't correct. I have a little noise in the 30-35 mph range but I think it is gear whine from the tranny.
  12. Two things come to my mind right away. Kill switch and starter relay. The starter relay has been known to corrode up and cause problems. If the kill switch was on you should still get power to dash but nothing else.
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