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  1. Was on Yamaha's website and saw the Eluder no longer listed. The Venture is still listed but no years. Makes you wonder what is going on. Hope they don't dump everything. This bike has its flaws but I just love it.
  2. Yamaha fixed 2nd gear in 85 but i don't remember serial number break. In that condition I would not give anything, well maybe $100. Could always part it out. Looks like he was in the process of parting it out
  3. For long rear tire life the Dunlop E4seems to be the ticket. I got 18,00 0 miles out of stock front but found a cheaper Bridgstone touring tire for 2 nd. round. Currently at 9,000 miles and still looks good
  4. Check the floor of the trunk for cracks. The early 99's where lacking support washers and some of the trunks cracked.
  5. This is 2021. White and blue were the colors. The new release would be for 2022. Yamaha usually does there releases in Sept. Hoping they come out with another red one like my 2018, might trade up.
  6. try coating the area with baby powder or white flour. Let it run for a bit a see if the leaking spot shows up.
  7. The piece of plastic between the windshield and headlights is the piece that needs to be removed. I don't know if this is the piece that you are referring to. But anyway remove the plastic chrome piece from the lower part of the windshield. The cowling just pops off.
  8. My guess would be one of the additives in the oil don't like your forks. I have seen this before but don't remember what fork oil it was. Use a name brand oil and see what happens.
  9. Chief, Looks like he is trying to tell us something by giving us tips. Like RED, 2021 and sunshine. I have no idea what these could mean. Something is going on, something big. I am not sure why Yamaha wanted the tread gone. Maybe Yamaha just isn't quite ready to release this upgrade. I just don't know what to think of all this
  10. Make sure to use a screwdriver that fits the screw heads properly. These screws are very soft and the heads will strip out very easily. Make sure to check for corrosion as moisture can get in under the lense and cause bulb to lose contact.
  11. I put Sonic springs in my 2007 when I had it. Made it a real good handling bike in the twistes. I had progressives in my 84 venture royal- it was a huge improvement on that bike.
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