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  1. Thanks for the information.
  2. So what makes the longhorns worth that kind of money? There are lots of different highway pegs out there. I have a horrible set that came with my bike and will soon be in the market if everything goes well with my job situation. I’ve never bought highway pegs before. I’m sure there is something that makes these worth the money. I can’t imagine all you guys buying them otherwise. Ogre
  3. Can someone take a picture of the buddy rich cable. I’d like to see if I can make one. I’ve worked in Electronics for a long time. If I could get an idea of what he did I’m sure I could whip something up.
  4. I bought a 15 dollar Bluetooth receiver on Amazon. I plug it into the auxiliary plug. I haven’t used it long enough to run the battery down. Just a few hours at a time but it works great. As for the phone mount I have an iPhone 13. I use a ram x mount and have had no problems.
  5. Sweet looking bike.
  6. Hey glad you sold the bike. Are you in the bellview area? I’m over in between ferry pass and cantonment. Kind of ensley but more north near the power plant. I’m always looking for people to ride with.
  7. Wish I could come I would love to meet all of you. Hope it’s a good and safe time for all of you.
  8. Makes me feel very lucky to live in Florida. If I could fly ya down here I would. Be patient bro the time is near. Watch riding videos on you tube. Get all your gear ready. Go over the route your gonna ride. Get some extra wax on the painted parts of your bike to protect it from the road salts before you know it, it will be a good weather ride day. Tony
  9. I agree had I seen this one before I bought mine I would have jumped on it.
  10. Thank you to whoever paid the $12 for my membership. It was not my intention to get someone to feel pity on me. I’m not a good recipient of gifts or so my wife tells me😜. None the less it was quite kind and a ray of sunshine in a world that feels very dark for me at the moment. Thank you again whoever you are. Although a little rough around the edges I hope to be of help to some else in the future. I know Freebird puts a lot of effort into running this site. Thanks for supporting him for me hopefully I will be able to do the same soon. awe crud I’m not very good at this. Just thanks. Tony S. The Ogre
  11. Great idea. As I was typing the question, I was thinking it would be nice if they were wing nuts so I wouldn’t need tools to get it off. thanks
  12. I’m missing one of the seat nuts on my ‘01 RSV. Any ideas of where to get a quick replacement that’s as easy to get on and off a the stock nut?
  13. Well I said in my intro I had been lurking around an learning. I missed this post. Don I hope your doing well. I don’t really know you but I have to say you have an admirable attitude and personality. Thanks for creating all this and you are definitely in my family prayers. Ogre
  14. I love the Green. I don’t think I’ve seen any others. Came with a cool lighting set up. Don’t know that I’ll ever really use it but it’s there. Also the first owner had someone diamond cut all the cooling fins. It sparkles in the sun. Again not sure I would have paid to have it done but it’s cool Ogre
  15. I guess nobody dug it? It’s Gone😔
  16. Hello All, I’ve been lurking and learning for awhile. Seems like a great bunch of people in here. I’m going tomorrow to pick up my new to me 2001 RSV with 35k on it. Thanks to all of you for the tons of info you have here. Because of you I’m pretty sure I’m getting a great bike. I’ll send pics when I get it. thanks Tony
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