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  1. If searching for turnkey kits, the terms 'equalizer', or 'crossover' are correct but don't get a lot of search hits. But, 'balance' does the trick. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=air+fork+balance+kit
  2. Did you lose CB and Intercom functions with your wiring job?
  3. John Scribner on a thread in Yamaha Royal Star Venture and Tour Deluxe Fans, and Owners says that he talked to Edelbrock. And that they assured him that 17303 has a shutoff valve. That if for no other reason is why I am buying one. May save my motor.
  4. Worn full face, that saved my face once, 3/4, and settled for a year and a day on Police Style. Defined as White, 1/2 Helmet with zippered Neck Cover for the cool/cold, Vents and Vizor. And o, yes, clip converter always. The only drawback with this Helmet style is pulling in behind a string of cars, and they all slow down coz they think I am a Cop. It's happened a few times. Make of Helmet appears to be DOT..cause that's all I can make out.
  5. Is there no similar or even better footage of the Series 2 RSVs doing fine Motorcycle Stunting and such? Coz I figger that anything a GoldWing can do an RSV or RSTD can do as well or better.
  6. You checked the fuses left side cover; sure. But sure as I can be there is another fuse set pertaining found right front fairing bottom. Where rec/reg is. Also toggling the talk button is a possibility.
  7. I have had matching sets of Longlife Metzeler MEs on different Bikes, including my 2007 RSV. I have no issues with them. Very good control and wear well. It may well be that they had a bad batch somewhere along the line, but it hasn't affected my purchases or riding.
  8. The Valkyrie Riders Site/VRCC has a very detailed, intense Article on CTs. I think Darkside may be your keyword in a general google search too. Interesting subject for sure. This is as worthy a piece as any on the pros and cons of perhaps going over to the Darkside: https://lifeisaroad.com/stories/2004/10/27/theDarkSide.html I 1st saw it posted on the VRCC IMO also an excellent Site, when I rode a Black Beauty 2003 Valkyrie; another worthy steed.
  9. Since my 2019 RSV purchase, I've enjoyed this 2007 Bike here in Calgary more than my other 10 Scoots, big or small, over 30 years; including even my 2 1984 Goldwings and 2003 Valkyrie.The 3 stator wires are easily accessible on my 3 Yam XS 1100s and said Goldwings and Valkyrie. Having one XS1100 with a serious starting issue that turned out to be melted stator plugs, I need to eliminate this standard bottleneck issue on all my Bikes up front. A standard prophylactic measure in the motorcycle world for good reason.I have scoured/ransacked the Net, 4 main RSV Sites to locate these plugs
  10. Not Fair! Contests ends at 9am?? Wot? Only noticed and dredged it out from Google Spam when another Email got my attention when it entered my Inbox at 11:45 MST. But then life ain't always fair, is it? That's why I often find myself leaning on the everlasting arms. Long story. Bought my 1st Venture as my #11 Bike in almost 30 yrs riding. Which includes a lot of high mile-ing and ice/snow winter riding too up here in Canada; presently in Calgary. It is my best Bike overall yet. Aside of my 2 Goldwings and Valkyrie, etc. Yay! A 2007 RSV Midnite; a Black Beauty. Even better since I found t
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