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I don't think I've ever owned a bike where the manufacturer doesn't do something that makes you ask WHY?   The new Road Glide Limited is no exception.  The Harley does have a pretty nice sound system.   The 5. 1/2 inch. speakers do. a pretty decent job.  This model comes with Apple CarPlay which I use all the time in my truck and really like it.  Though the bike, just like my truck, has Navigation I actually prefer using the Apple Maps through. CarPlay.  It's much easier to. just click on. an address on. the phone rather than enter all. the information into the vehicles navigation system.  Also, you never have to  worry about updating your maps.

So, I was happy to have it on the bike but then Harley did something really. crazy.  Though it has Apple CarPlay, it only works if you are using headsets.   That makes absolutely no sense.  I seldom use headsets in that I ride alone most of the time So it's just crazy that it won't work unless you. are using them.  It's an easy fix.  You go to. Amazon and order a simple $12.00 jumper that just plugs into. an empty socket on the harness and VOILA...it works.  The only issue is that the socket you plug it into is inside the fairing.  So yesterday evening, I removed the fairing and installed the jumper.  Not difficult to do but time consuming.  Much like the RSV, you have to remove the windshield and on the Harley, the speaker grills, a couple of air deflectors, turn signal bolts, etc.  Simple but time consuming.  

Oh well, it's done and now CarPlay works great.

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Glad I don't have that issue, I just get on the bike and ride,,, following my 2 front wheels which can often time get into and argument as to which way to go. When that happens they gave me reverse which has only one wheel and no discussion,,,, unless I have a certain passenger.


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