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Need Help with Upstate PA/ Western NY Excursion


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Hi, folks!
Another couple, my wife and I are planning a 2-day, 1-night scoot over the border (from St. Catharines/Niagara Falls, CA) in the next week or so.

Because of our time restrictions (pets and elders at home) we want to pack in as much as we can in our brief allotted timeframe. We plan on staying at Laurelwood in Coudersport just one night, (midweek to avoid as much "competitive" weekend traffic as possible) and we hope not to have to be in the saddle for more than 4 hours on either day.

Has anyone got any suggested routes and/or must-see destinations that we should be putting into our travel plans? A friend of our frequently goes to Allegheny Park, but he's a madman and makes it a "day trip". His only comment was, "If you go, be sure to stop at the dam".

Not sure what/where that is, but any confirmation of that.....and addition of roads we'd love and other sites to see......GREATLY APPRECIATED.
Thanks for any and all suggestions.

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Sorry, Thomas....I misled you with my initial post.

We're not looking for touring ideas IN Niagara Falls. We're FROM Niagara Falls. We know everything there is to know about it.

We're looking for help in terms of good roads and points of interest between Allegheny National Park and Letchworth State Park.

Our understanding is that there is something around there called "the Grand Canyon North".....or something like that...with lots of hills, valleys, scenic outlooks, waterfalls, etc.

If anyone's toured that area or LIVES in that area, we'd love to hear from you.

I guess what I'm asking is: does anyone know how to get from Niagara Falls to Coudersport WITHOUT using a slab? 

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I agree with @steamer! Visited Letchworth State Park on one of our bike tours when we went to New York rally and it is worth the ride. Didn't camp so can't comment. Yes also to the route! And by all means visit Pioneer! Lots of great roads and elevations to ride thru! Loved riding down there and hope to go back as soon as I can arrange!

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I believe the dam is the Kinzua dam a little bit east of Warren, Pa.  My wife and I have made that run a twice from Ohio.  It's a nice ride in that area ... There is a train bridge that was taken out from tornado in July of 2003 about 40 mins away from the dam but I have yet to ride over to it and check it out.

Ride safe!

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Hey Michael,

The US190 to Buffalo would be a good start. After that your choices are Rt. 219 to Rt. 242 NE of Ellicottville, NY to Rt. 353 to US86 to RT. 280 which will bring you to the NY/PA State Line. Rt. 346 takes you through the East/West section of the National Forest. This route puts you through many small towns, and is a pleasant ride. There is some sections of Interstate riding though. Or Rt. 62 out of Buffalo which skirts Lake Erie before it heads south. Both roads are two lane with above average scenery and some nice twisties, but not extreme. Also Rt. 219 has plenty of places to stop for gas and snacks. (and restrooms for the ladies!)

For your return trip you could go Rt. 346 to Rt. 280 to Rt 17 towards Steamburg to US86 to Rt. 394 to Rt. 62 at Waterboro to Rt.83 at Conewango valley to Rt. 91 which turns into Rt.47  to Rt. 119 to Rt. 20 to US90 back to US 190. This convoluted route will take you some beautiful wooded areas and some excellent turns in the roadway. The US90 to US190 part of this ride is your average 4 lane slab type riding.

Hope this helps,


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Ditto on Spragues ,   Kinzua train bridge is an impressive sight, PA Grand Canyon is cool....I'd recommend doing the Penns Cave boat tour if you're over that a way and it's close to Beaver Stadium if you're a football fan...Penn State Museum in the stadium....Hyner State Park has an overlook that's pretty cool....Neat ride up the mountain to the overlook...There's a place on RT 6 near Titioute called "Simpler Times Museum"...With a sign that reads "Open by chance or appointment"....The old guy that own / runs it lives on site....if he's still with us....Lots of oil well drilling equipment, old tractor trailers....cars...gas pumps....a real mish mash of stuff, but pretty cool....Haven't been there in a few years but it was quite a site.    

Route 6 runs across the top of the state and offers some nice riding.

  Have fun.


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