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Passing lamps relocation bar.

Steve S

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Hello Venture Fans.  

I put a set of Yamaha Passing lamps on my bike today.  I took the fairing off to wire them up and when I tried to put the fairing back on of course it wouldn't go on.  I unbolted the passing lamp bar and reinstalled the fairing then the light bar. 

This got me to thinking (Scary I know) that my old Venture had an attachment to bolt the light bar to in order to remove the fairing.  Am I correct on this or is my brain still scrambled from the last wreck in 11???  

I would appreciate any input you might have. 


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19 hours ago, BMW said:

Steve, I haven't made the light bar spacer for at least 12 yrs. now. I will look out in the garage tomorrow I may have one of the original ones on a shelf out there, if so it's yours. 



If I could see one I would try to fabricate one for myself.  My memory is so bad I can't even remember what it looks like.    

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1 hour ago, ReinyRooster said:

I might be interested in one of those as well.

Reiny I am going to look into making one, but from the pictures I have seen, it will require a lathe and I no longer have one available to me. 

I hate it when my friends retire and I no longer have access to their fancy expensive tools... 

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37 minutes ago, Pasta Burner said:

Silly question here, I had to Google “passing lights” but when I discovered what they are I’m wondering why they are called that and what’s the differentiation between driving and passing lights?

They are called that way because they first became popular on the first  gens, because they passed everything in sight and it was best to have lots of light on the scoot so those whose were being passed had enough time to notice what had taken place. Later they were used on the 2nd gen and then became known as driving lights, for reasons that should be self explainatory. At least that's what I heard and I got it right from the internets mouth so to speak.

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I am looking for pictures of this adapter/relocation bar etc. These older forums are great to search for newbies as myself, but where the pictures at?



'05 RSTD

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