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How not to test drive a bike...........


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Guest tx2sturgis
I give him a 2 out of 10 for the dive...might have give him a 4, had he landed in the water.:banana:


Is a helmet considered a 'flotation device'? :think:



It DOES have foam in it!



I can see it now: life vest required for riding a bike on the pier. Are the safety-crats watching? Hope not.

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I think it was staged,, it's just that he 'fell' off the stage.



I think it was a photo op where the biker was supposed to do a short ride by the marina on a walking path that had the short post barriers in place to keep vehicles out. He was attempting to go around one of the posts and did not give enough room for the left bag that stuck out farther than he thought and it tore it off. Once he hit it, he did not have much room to correct his mistake.


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