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If I won the lottery.......

Venturous Randy

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I knew that I did not win, mainly because I never bought a ticket.

I personally would never want that much money.

I would of course helped everyone in my family. Given money to charities I support. And then want to travel the country and bring the RSV in my new toy hauler.


Yama Mama:smile5:

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Well, I dont have to worry about winning that 5.5 million....

After watching the numbers being drawn last night I didnt have one single number on my ticket..

I think it would be easier for me to walk out my front door and get hit on the head with a coconut..:whistling:

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If I would have hit it, the only ones that would have gotten anything would be my kids. Even at that, they would not get enough to live on, just enough to enhance their lives. A trust fund would be set up that they would get yearly payouts of a limited amount until they reach 55 years old. Then it would increase until they reach 62. Everyone else can pi$$ off. Relatives turn into vampires who want to suck the last drop of blood out of you when it comes to money. Besides, I have a relative on my wifes side that came into a huge amount of cash. I have never seen a dime. Call me mean or whatever else, but most poeple are broke after a few years even when they have multiple hundreds of millions of dollars. You win, you gotta be mean and protect what you have. I know I would build a nice platform in my garage for my work toolbox. I would put a nice rope around it. Real pretty and all. Everytime I thought about doing something stupid with the cash, I would go out and look at that toolbox and think to myself "this is what your going to have to do if you run out of money" then I would rethink if I want to do something stupid or not.

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If I won the lotto, I would first set my and Nina's kids up with a new house, new car(s), and a bank account that would pay them monthly for as long as I could.


Then I'd take Nina and the kids on an extended holiday ... cruise with many stops.


Then I'd have our dream home built and retire in it, doing some of the things I've always wanted to do but never had the money.


Finally, I'd give as much as I could to various charities that are there to help the homeless and destitute people in our country.

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