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  1. Not a genius at all bud.....many here have come up with several better ideas.
  2. Custom made.. Need adjusters from your local music store to make them
  3. ...ECKSTEND-A-GRIPS.......Some here may remember my 05 Venture that I put these on. Well today I had to put a set of my ECKSTEND-A-GRIPS on my Goldwing, and they are heated too! See attached pics.
  4. Not sure if this guy is still around but you can give him a try. Back in September of 2006, he use to make the light brackets and he charged $26 back then. Probubly a little more now?? He accepted paypal Just send an email to dathan@shaw.ca and ask him. Most he can do is say no. He also said (back then) that if you wanted to send him an international money order or check let him know and he will send you his address. His name is Tony. I bought one from him..Good work and a good price.
  5. Eck

    Dad passed

    You have my condolences.
  6. Don't know the man, but prayers sent his way. FYI: All prayer requests belong in the Forum: Inspirational, Motivational, Prayer Requests, Etc.
  7. T6 always........... Been using it for years in my wings.. never a problem.
  8. Congrats on the new truck..! I have looked at the Tundra's a few times now, but still like my Avalanche. It seems to do fine for all I need at the moment anyway. Not sure if I will ever get another vehicle again unless something major goes wrong with this Av..Hope not.... Anyway, sending you my best wishes for a strong, durable, reliable vehicle that you can trust. I've heard great reviews on them.
  9. Honda has announced two planned navigation updates for its Honda Goldwing model. Two separate updates are planned. The first update will be released on October 4, 2018. It will provide revisions that allow route guidance and points of interest to continue after the ignition is turned off and then back on. It will also incorporate a daylight savings date change. The second update will be issued sometime in January 2019. Honda claims that it will provide a significant increase in the maximum number of navigation waypoints. Honda will release details on how to download and install the updates starting on October 4. Once the updates are released, owners will be directed to Honda’s website; http://www.powersports.honda.com. Customers can also sign up to be notified automatically when future updates become available. In its quest to continuously support its customers, Honda will provide owners of 2018 and 2019 model year Goldwings free navigation software updates, including map upgrades. Owners of 2017 or earlier Honda Goldwing models can purchase map upgrades by going to http://www.goldwing.garmin.com/goldwing/site.
  10. https://www.visitmysmokies.com/blog/smoky-mountains/missing-link-along-foothills-parkway-to-be-completed/
  11. Drive your car down the road and if the dog comes out running at you just keep at a speed that is MAX speed for the dog, then slowly edge your car towards a mail box running the dog lickity split into the mail box.. They seem to quit running after vehicles when you do this..ask me how I know..
  12. I know several on the site here enjoy Dairy Queen I just saw this so thought I would post it. Copy/paste Dairy Queen is offering two alluring buy-one-get-one-free deals through its mobile app. Here's what you need to know. Dairy Queen is offering the chance to help you discover exactly how much ice cream is too much ice cream. Using the DQ mobile app, you can find buy-one-get-one-free (BOGO) deals that include BOGO small sundaes and BOGO malts and shakes of any size. You'll find those offers in the "deals" section of the mobile app through September 2. he deal is available at participating Dairy Queens with the exception of locations in Canada and Texas. (Though, if you live in Canada, you could win a year of free blizzards if you find the source of a nasty smell.) If that's not enough ice cream, there's one other opportunity to land free frozen treats. If you haven't already downloaded the app, you can get a free Blizzard just for signing up. You don't have to buy anything. That's just a freebie. If you're enjoying the transition from summer to fall, you could try out the new Pumpkin Pie Blizzard. It's maybe a little early for fall foods, but you're your own person. Do what makes you happy.
  13. You can take a propane torch and heat the crush washer up to where they are a DULL RED... (pinkish if it is copper) and then let them cool naturally, (DO NOT QUENCH IT IN WATER)...and you can reuse them over and over for ever.. The heat "expands" the molecules in the metal / copper and the crush washer actually swells back to it's original thickness. This does not apply if the crush washer is damaged, (nicked or cracked). I have never replaced a crush washer in my life..and I have never had one leak after following instructions above.
  14. Must say you did a hell of a job on it Lewis. It really looks clean and ready for the road. Awesome job buddy!
  15. You did a great job on it bud. Looks really nice indeed. Hope to see it (and you) in person one day soon..........
  16. Looks really nice there Lewis. Good job!!! Makes me wonder what I could do with it if I put my hands on it... lol
  17. To make a date night with your mate.... here is what you can do for a fun night. Both of you start out with the max of $25.00 - no more.. You then "separately" go to your local thrift stores and you must pick out a complete outfit (excluding underwear / bras) for your mate.. Yes, you pick out the top blouse, shirt pants, even the shoes. No matter WHAT your mate picks out for you, you MUST wear it on date night.... Next you both must go together to the local mall, hold hands, and walk the entire lower and upper levels. Then you both must go to a restaurant (previously discussed and picked out) and again, holding hands, enter the restaurant, sit and eat an entire meal..No cell phones allowed to be looking at during the whole evening unless an emergency pops up. Enjoy your evening of laughs and memories you made. I would also suggest that this should be done at VR.ORG scheduled MEET & EATS...and on dinner night at Don's annual Maintenance day on the night everyone goes out to eat dinner.
  18. You can all say Im nuts, but these are the type of beads I have used in my tires for the past 5 years...Just dump 3 to 4 oz in each tire and put air it in. I have never had an issue and the same beads are used over and over when I change tires. I just drill a 1/2 hole intot he old tire, turn it over and pour the beads out into a funnel and bottle..then dump them into the new tire I am replacing it with. At $1.99 a box you cant beat the price...found them at Hobby Lobby
  19. Suggest you contact Steve Sanders Goldwing forums.. Steve knows the earlier Goldwings inside and out...
  20. Just off the top of your head, make a list of all parts you see that it needs to restore it. Add the price that you are willing to spend for that part. Now add postage to for each part..Add another 30 to 40% for the parts you didn't know it needed..next include the costs for all liquids (oil, antifreeze, gear lube, grease, clutch & brake fluid), and then add the cost for all cleaners, wax, etc., that you will need to complete it. Download manuals on both bikes and the parts list for names (and dealer cost) of each part needed. Do you have the space to lay everything out to stay somewhat organized? Do you have all the tools needed or will you need to purchase (or make) special tools, do you have the time and patients? Lots to consider when bringing something back from the dead. I just spent two years on a total restoration. I can't stop smiling over the transformation. Only the person restoring the item knows how much effort, time and money that THEY want to spend to bring that item back from the dead.. ....
  21. I have been an active member and a moderator on this site for years with Freebird, and I myself left the site for over a year, but hey, I am back. I did not leave the site due to a conflict with anyone. I found that this site CONSUMED me. I was signing on to this site 6 to 7 times a day, every day. I spent hours on this site and I can honestly tell you there is not another motorcycle family oriented website out there. I am on many motorcycle sites right now, but this one has always been the best. Over the years on this site, I too have run into a few who offended me,(who remembers the guy we called "Dallas")... Some understood him and me,,,.well, lets just say he and I took a few weeks to understand each other. You will always butt heads with someone on any site. AMERICAN, I see where there has been a couple OPEN written apologies and I truly hope you reconsider and put it all behind you. I personally would enjoy meeting and riding with you one day. Eck
  22. Sorry... please delete this post Eck
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