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Looking back……


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As a former member here from 2006 to 2014 when I sold the RSV and (shortly) gave up riding, I recently rejoined when I picked up my 2005 RSV Hannigan trike. Some may remember me as Ruffy or Ruffrider99. It certainly is a lot quieter here than I remember.  As I went through a bunch of the older pages I see that many of the older members are no longer here for various reasons and I guess that included myself. After selling my 99 due to mainly leg strength issues and leaving I went stir crazy about a year later and bought a triumph rocket 3 tourer. It was up in Mass and Jonsey went over there to look at it for me. I bought it and had it shipped to Florida where I rode it for about a year until it became hard to support as well. Another year or so I was going batty once again and tried my luck with a 2010 Ultra. Soon found out that too was a mistake and sold it about the time I retired In 2019. Fast forward to 2021 and the bug bit me again. I bought a beautiful 2011 heritage from an 80 year old man and it was a blast until my legs and now my balance became an issue. Then along came this 05 trike at the right price. Sold the heritage almost immediately and went up to SC with the cash. Getting back on an RSV was a great feeling. Brought back so many good memories. Even those that had me tearing it apart when necessary. Still looks to be well run and there are still plenty of old timers still hanging around. Ya did good, Don. I hope to be here for a while longer now. 


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Even if my health should give out and I could no longer ride  I would still be watching videos posted by others riding , because riding is in my blood 

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