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A list of known problems on the First Gen Venture

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We had a list before the crash that was lost. I will list the things that I remember, please add the things that I am forgetting.


Cracked frames. Early Ventures, '83 models specifically, have been know to develop cracked frames. This occurs just above the area where the center stand attaches.


Second Gear. In models from '83 through mid '85 there is a problem with the bikes losing second gear. It does not happen on all bikes but is very common. Usually starts by slipping out of second gear on hard acceleration. Can be repaired by a savvy home mechanic but does require the removal of motor. Expensive fix if you have it done at a dealer. I've seen estimates approaching $2,000.00


Stators. Early models suffered from stator failure due to over heating. Later models incorporated an oil cooling system.


Cracked trunks. Very common to find the bottom of the trunks cracked out.

Class air suspension controller. E4 errors are common. Caused by bad solders on the circuit board within the controller. Easy fix if you are familiar with using a soldering iron. There is a tech article here to deal with the fix.


Front end wobble. Pretty common. Various causes but usually either a slightly cupped front tire or loose steering head bearings. Repacking and proper tightening of the head bearings is highly recommended whether you have experienced the wobble or not.


Exhaust collector. Baffles become loose and cause a rattle. There is a tech article on opening up the collector and repairing. There is also an after market system out that does away with the collector.

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Are you refering to design problems specifically, or major issues that happen because of time.


Swifty had a major trouble with the antena bracket breaking off but I am not sure this was a common problem, just old age.


Also the class system requires soldering after a while (I am not familiar with the specifics)


Now I would suspect this thread to get alot of comments :sign20:



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Dry splines and final drive gears.


Poor lighting from stock headlight \ Greatly improved with Silver Star bulb.


Swing arm needing lubrication and\or install of zerks.


Battery cables need to be upgraded for better hot starts , Squidley's fix.

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