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  1. I ordered my nexen c/t and got size 165/80 15, took my tire off the bike and I see it is a 150/90 B15. what differance will it make, where did I get that size from? oh what have I done?
  2. what model pirelli did you use?
  3. tring to decide between the nexen and the Nankang CX668. has anyone tried the Nankang CX668?
  4. remember the job is never complete till the paper works done
  5. On my 1100 I had I installed a starcom one set up and liked it, I have noticed since then they have added some new stuff. Check them out starcom1.com
  6. Woody

    Near hit

    I did not stop to see if they where ok, in my mirror I could see the red truck still going down the road and there was no contact with the white truck.
  7. Woody

    Near hit

    just one bell, I did go by and straighten up the flowers on Mom's grave on my way home.
  8. Woody

    Near hit

    I may need to get my seat fixed, while riding two up with my daughter on a narrow country road we meet a white pick up truck coming in our direction driving very slow as if looking for an address or something and then from behind the truck a red truck came around a curve way to fast and could not stop for the white truck it took to the ditch on the right side of the white truck and passed it in the ditch came back in the road in front of the truck with it’s front wheels off the ground coming straight at us I took the ditch on my right avoiding the red truck a mail box and then the white truck. After my daughter was able to talk she said at one point she could have touched the red truck and the mail box at the same time. If we had been in four wheels we could not have got out of the way. Good thing is no one was hurt, bike got a couple of scraps.
  9. why a new fairing? glad to hear we still have some good dealers, give them a shout out by name so we can drop by sometime.
  10. After reading this post I decided to call my local dealer, had to explain about he had to call Yamaha and he gladly did made the call and called me back in a matter of minutes. He asked if I could bring my bike in and let him ride it to verify the whine he said Yamaha would cover it (we will see)
  11. this is the same way they do car tires around here.
  12. it is not only bike dealers with bad customer service, my neighbor is 85 years young and being electronics challenged as a lot of folks are he ask me for advice on his television service. Seems that the cable company he was dealing with for years decided to discontinue service in that area. Since I am a dish network customer I recommended them. He asked me to call since he had received a brochure in the mail so I did and explained to nice lady on the phone that he did not want anything fancy just basic TV. The cheapest package and local channels, she said OK and sent out a service rep. while I was at work. A couple of days later my neighbor called and said he could not stop the thing from recording, I said recording! seems as the service rep told him that’s what he needed. I called dish folks and talked to several people and then I talked to the store that signed him up. They say he signed the papers, for 100.00 they will send someone out to remove the DVR box and install a regular box, for 470.00 they will cancel his account and pick up their stuff or he can pay the 6.00 extra each month for 2 years. I told them I felt like they had taken advantage of an elderly person and would never recommend them again.
  13. I don't mean to brag but the little wife and I took the scoot out for about 110 miles today, had some BBQ. 52 degrees was still a little cool but we sure did enjoy it.
  14. Ok, mine is done, who else has completed there project? Thanks to all the posts on this site I was able to do it. passing lights with a relay, lowered front end one inch, added luggage rack, added Aux Jack. [ATTACH]40013[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]40014[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]40015[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]40016[/ATTACH]
  15. good idea eck, I am just getting use to this site:banana:
  16. I got passing lights, trunk rack, new office chair wife got a leaf blower (back pack with an elec. start) she is so proud.
  17. This is a greeeeat idea, wish I knew how to help out.
  18. I think the last one I did I had to remove the rubber from the light.
  19. Ok I apologize, I posted this thinking I might help someone out that needed an adapter, did not mean to ruffle any feathers.
  20. found this on E-bay item #250541066345, lift Adapter:mo money:
  21. ok mine is short, and hopefully the same goes for the cool weather. add passing lights add extra aux jack lower front end add trunk rack ( got all this for xmas) looking and thinking of away to get just a little more sound from exhaust but not to load, I just want to hear her moan.
  22. Thank you very much for serving to protect our freedoms. I can't find the words to tell you how much I appreciate what you're doing and from one Ron to another good luck brother. 21 years retired SSG. Ron Woodfin
  23. Picked up my lights and rack today, I have put some lights on before but never a trunk rack anybody got any suggestions or problem areas to look out for.
  24. me too, me too can I see it?
  25. I changed my name once but she found me anyway.
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