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  1. great ideas, trailer it home, my only suggestion would be to drain tank and carbs then put seafoam mixture in before the trip home a lot of cleaning can be done by the time you get home. :2TEAL:
  2. Welcome to the circus, I spent some time at Fort Sill back in the ---- wish I had my Venture back then.
  3. since my wife's B'day is the 4th that would be great.
  4. M61A1MECH, are any of those routes around the Pensacola or Gonzalez area my Dad lives in Cantonment may have to go visit.
  5. Jake I like that idea on the beer, except I still have some of my daddy's wine, home made and its good. Dan remember the wine.
  6. I want one of those being give away ok what's the cost and pic please
  7. my Dad retired and now says he does not have time for work even if he could. he does not have a honey do list it is a honey do listssssssses
  8. But does it have a cassette player ? yes I had to go there
  9. Glad it was not the bike, it would have been a brused Yammer.
  10. Lets try this again about January, I'll still be riding
  11. now you know why, I live in the south
  12. maybe a cape with a big S on the back
  13. thanks y'all, this was very helpful as usual.
  14. I was loading my bike and a friend told me not to tighten the tie downs until I was ready to leave which would be two days later, he said it would ruin the shocks. what is your thoughts on this?
  15. scooter some thing is wrong I can see the floor
  16. Randy, I sure am glad you are doing better. we are keeping yall in our thoughts.
  17. if this week was that long just think how fast next week will be.
  18. Linda, Linda I told you not to leave any marks If you need us just call, have bottle can travel
  19. gotta go to the saw mill first
  20. sounds like someone filled up the oil with the bike on the side stand, check it on the side stand to see and if you can see a level your glass is ok. then just drain the oil to the proper level.
  21. hey Dan, do I need to bring the wine
  22. Happy birthday Dan. you know it is not fair to use the air hose to blow out the candles.
  23. if I was closer or someone was headed this away I could store it till when ever he could come get it no problem. but I am close to Talladega, Alabama. I checked with my son-inlaw which is a truck driver but he is not in the area, sorry.
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