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  1. -- 31,000 and the only problem has been getting the CB radio to work (finally did, but don't use it now anyway) and Sirius radio doesn't always load so I have to turn engine off and restart system after a minute or so. --
  2. -- Question: What does this cost and what does it do for my system? Has anybody done this? --
  3. -- Baster would work. Other option would be to have a clean pan under the drain hole; open the drain hole for a moment; put plug back in. If too much comes out, since it's clean, just put some back in tank. --
  4. -- I know you're talking bikes, but the two blue top deep cycle batteries on my pickup camper are 25 years old. I keep a tender on them all the time when not using. --
  5. -- I'd sure like to have reverse on my Eluder. Has anyone ever looked into it or know anything about doing it? --
  6. -- The GoldWing takes the exact same tires as the Eluder/Venture, so any info there is good here. I use the Bridgestone Driveguard Run Flat in a 205/55-16 and have 18,000 miles on it. It should go to about 26,000 with the amount of tread on it. It puts my speedometer exactly right on based on my gps. Would use it again. Fits fine without any mods other than with the tow bar from Rivco that needed some shaving of bracket in one corner. --
  7. -- On the front wheel, I put on a Bridgestone BattleAx BT45 rear tire in the stock front tire size of 130/70x18. The rear tire had much more tread on it. I got 20K on it running at 40#. New one is the same size. On the rear wheel, I put on a Bridgestone Driveguard run flat radial 205/55x16. I paid Tire Rack $117.00. It's a slightly larger diameter which puts my speedo exactly right on. Odometer is 2.5% over actual. The width is a little more than stock and flatter so it rides straight more readily. I run 28# in it and have 18,000 miles on it and should get another 8,000 miles down to 2/32nd. I have the car tire mounted at either a Honda dealer that has me sign a waiver, or a Yamaha dealer that doesn't ask. I can't say I have problems with either tire. The wider, flatter rear tire is, as any wide tire would be, a little more effort when turning, but something that's not noticeable once you're used to it. To me the safety of the run flat is worth the effort. Some riders forget that the different ride feel is due to the width of the tire more than that it's a car tire. Being a car tire just means you have more choices for a rear cruiser or tour bike tire. Not for the front or a sport bike, of course. My bike didn't come with a factory TPMS, so I use a stem mounted after market which works fine. --
  8. -- I guess the traffic was a bear! --
  9. -- This is what I've purchased for my bike. Links above are good. For the elecrical connections, you need the sub harness and isolator. If you're not sure on which plug converter, give them a call and they will get the right stuff easily. Good folks and real good on delivery. --
  10. -- At the bottom of the antennas, there is a small L or R near the base that tells you which side to put them on. I had a lot of trouble getting my c.b. tuned in. I never could get any truckers to answer. I don't think they use the c.b. like they used to. So I had to get some shop with a hand held unit to get it going and get the right series of buttons pushed. Dealer was useless. --
  11. -- Every guage I have is different. I went to 6 tire shops and every one of theirs was different from mine and each others'. So I use a guage that reads 3# over what I want presuming the TPMS I have is accurate. I asked the manufacturer of the TPMS and he said that of all the ones ever sent back under warranty, none were off. Their method of testing is supurb. (What he said, anyway.) --
  12. -- I have just received the info I need and will pass on to everyone: https://electricalconnection.com/index.php/product/isolator-yamaha-venture-eluder/ This is the link to my bike, butElectrical Connections has these for most all models. For my bike this will bea total plug and play with even the plug that hooks to the trailer. You can contact Lewis @865-219-9192 for more info if needed. --
  13. -- General question: If you've hooked up a Yamaha for towing and have wired the bike forthe electrical hookup, then how'd you do it? Did you splice into the factorywiring under the seat by splicing the wiring and use miscellaneous parts, ordid you find a plug and play set up that included a relay and isolator? If so,where did you get your harness kit? I could go the splice into existing wire route, but a kit that has been designedto protect the bike's electrical from shorting out would be the better way togo. I want to hook up a Bushtec trailer which has the 6 prong coupling, so it'shard to find anything if you don't have a Harley or Goldwing. --
  14. -- When I first got mine, I just felt the seat was too hot all the time even though the control said off. I disconnected the wire to the seat as I will never probably want the seat hot and haven't had any heat problem in that area since. --
  15. -- I just move the jack back a little and then it will balance. --
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