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  1. This is the ticket (experience) I was looking for... as a first timer I'm a little uncertain of the confidence at higher speed and corners but if you have that many miles on this new model bike then I'll give it a shot. If a guy thinks for less than 2 seconds about the death wobble I think it's pretty plain to see that if you put a 7 or 8 inch tire on a 3.5 or 4 inch rim something bad is going to happen. These bikes have a 5 inch rim so I won't expect worse handling than a back bike tire wore flat down the middle. Thanks JR
  2. Thanks for pointing out the link. I read all that the other day but the next reply after yours here is what I was looking for....experience. Thank you !!
  3. I need a rear tire already at 11000km I'll be lucky to get another 2000km while risking my neck on a blowout. I've absolutely had it with over priced bike tires especially for this bike at probably 400.00 installed to go almost no where for the money spent. I think I want the Dunlop Run Flat but is it the 205/55R/16, 55 or 60 series? The speedometer is faster so correction is welcome. Anybody want to share experience using a car tire on this bike? I know the goldwing guys use car tires but I dont have a wing Thanks in advance JR
  4. but your right, I shouldn't have said no you can't chrome, I should have said don't bother to chrome. I feel bad now. I blew this pic up so anyone can see the new Yamaha foot board chrome and the round disc next to it and the pipe for comparison
  5. my bad, I should have typed some more. The problem with these covers is that he needed to weld tabs on the back for dipping in his tanks for chroming. At that point we found out the pieces are Stainless and could be polished which was cheaper than chroming. I know what you mean about show chrome finish but I can tell you that most average people would be hard pressed to tell the difference between show chrome and how these turned out. Compared to the satin finish Yamaha used and according to the pics these turned out like a million bucks and guys with these bikes can do this at home
  6. yes the covers are Stainless Steel. No you can't chrome Stainless Steel...but...you can polish it to look as good as chrome.
  7. Thanks for the compliment !! Yeah good point.....Chrome ages with a lot more grace than black. Give me chrome any day, these kids put John Deere flat black primer on everything they drive, I think they would look a lot better if they did the windows too
  8. Oh ok, I see what your saying....on both sides of the bike you take the air cleaner looking thing cover off and you will find the metal is glued to the black plastic cover. I had the metal polished and then glued back on the black did that help?
  9. Thanks for the compliment !! You can do the same thing, it's Stainless Steel. I found out how expensive to have the stuff polished. In hind site I would buy the most expensive tools and do it myself and have money left over I'm sure to what I paid. I thought the stuff was metal but after I took it to the guy a magnet won't stick.
  10. Yeah the reflection part, I hid behind my cell phone best I could. Ohhh, way faster...it's a Rocket now...lol Thanks for the compliment !!
  11. I need to take more better pics outside but for now you'll get the idea of the left side in my attached pic. I hope the fact that the Air Cleaner cover is not plastic will not disappoint you...lol It's all Stainless Steel that Yamaha painted that god awful dull yellow. Passenger floor board idea came off my 2006 Road Star sitting next to this bike looked like it would bolt right on so I ordered it. Hardly any left in the country but Texas dealer had two sets. Expensive but it's only money anyway I ordered but they don't fit. Upon looking it was a tiny little matter of grinding most of only one of the mounting bolt head enough to get the screw to clear so the boards will fold up. I'll try attach another pic
  12. I just can't do the black thing, give me chrome...it always gets me home. I think these bikes clean up pretty nice. Chrome trunk rack didn't show in this pic but adds the right amount back there too. First short ride yesterday and I can tell you it's way, way faster. Now I'll try my first attached pic JR
  13. This is absolutely crazy what Yamaha is doing to us. My GPS maps don't work at all. I paid cash and got the 2020 May 15th 2019. May 16th I got an email from my dealer stating ... I talked to our Yamaha service rep about the navigation set-up. He will be back in his office tomorrow and help me figure it out. I will get back to you tomorrow.... Well, today is June 21st and like we all know,,,, tomorrow never comes. I asked for a new scratch key code because the dealer tried to load my maps May 15th and failed. Now I get an error that my code has been used (belongs to someone else) and I need get another code. The dealer says Yamaha will not give me a new code. I asked for a new head unit but answer is no, asked for a new bike answer is no, asked for my money back answer is no. I guess I have only one alternative left....how sad is that !! My mileage is 1070km about 630mi. Like you I love the bike, I mean like if I only get one word to describe it ... awesome would be it!
  14. I have used a few Garmin units and overall very pleased especially compared to Google when you consider data charges in the USA for Canadians. The way Yamaha emphasizes the technology and comfort of these bikes at the price point I would like to say the stuff had better work
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