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  1. Ray, the CD players are not very good. They skip real bad while traveling. Work fine while parked. Having said that, I may still have one. Have to check my stash. Don't remember selling it but I may have.
  2. Margaret Myres, Bobbie Powel, Ramona, Aussie Annie, Sweet Nothing? They and some others used to be active on the site but see them more on face book now.
  3. Going to give the Shinkos a try. $360 + tax CDN and free shipping. The Dunlop E4 has been discontiued in the 150/90-15 rear.
  4. Thanks Ben, I have sent them an e-mail to inquire. Their web site is not very helpful. I've been dealing with Fort Nine out of Quebec but they are out of stock on E3s and the E4 Fornts. They don't even list my rear tire size even though it is listed on the Dunlop web site. Tempted to give the Metzlers a try as they are not that much more then the Shinkos that others have recommended. With the new lock down rules, it doesn't look like we'll be riding much anyway.
  5. I've been shopping for tires and the otions seem to be limited for the RSV. Maybe due to Covid, I don't know. I have a set of Dunlop Elite 3s now and really like them but they seem to be replaced by Elite 4s now. Checking on availability, they are scarce. Out of stock everywhere. So I found the Metzeler ME888 and I can get them here in Canada too. The old Metzeler ME880 got a bad rap among Venture Riders a number of years ago so I've stayed away from them over the years. Wondering if anyone has experience with the new ME888. Reviews on line seem to be pretty good. Or if anyone has something else they can recommend, I would like to hear about it.
  6. Jay, I had the same error code on my '03 when it was still under warranty and the dealer never did get it to work again. Kept swapping it out with reconditioned units but always the same error. When my '06 started doing it, out of warranty, I gave up on the CB. I only ever used it when riding with the VR's and that doesn't happen as much any more.
  7. Scott, I have been to both Mecum and Barrett Jackson actions, but only as a spectator. You can get up close and personal with the cars before the auction and I expect that if you can find the owner he would answer any questions you have and let you hear it run etc. Not sure about a road test and I have never seen any lifts available for use on site. FYI, I paid to have an inspection/appraisal done on a car I was thinking about buying in Dallas TX. It cost less then an airplane ride and was the best $400 I ever spent. I didn't buy the car.
  8. Suggest you look into a LED direct replacement. I did mine a couple of years ago and it is awesome. Sorry I don't have any other info for you.
  9. Make sure that all of the shut off switches are not sticking. Clutch, front/rear brake and cancel switch on the right handle bar. Make sure clutch and front brake levers are returning completely when released.
  10. We have to watch out for Donkey's in Texas
  11. I like to keep a set of new brake pads on hand and I've been shopping on Ebay. Wondering if anyone has experience with the cheaper brands they offer on there? I usually buy EBC pads and generally have had good service from them. I see a pair of NO Name rear sintered HH pads for $13.99 There's a complete set, No name, front and back, of semi metallic for $14.60 and a rear set of EBC for $31.02. Any words of wisdom? Anyone used the cheap ones? Buy cheap, get cheap?
  12. 65 years old, smoker,........ever heard of heart attack or stroke? Get your butt to a doctor man. Should have done it instead of going home to lay down. That's all I got.
  13. Very sorry for your loss. My condolences to Eileen and Don and family. May your grief be short and the good memories bring a smile.
  14. I hear they're always looking for new crash test dummies!
  15. Gary N.


    Sorry to hear about your accident Ben. I can say, I do feel your pain. Hope you can avoid the ultimate fix.....Titanium. It will set off the metal detectors. I'm 10 weeks into my second knee replacement and I have been back on the bike but only for a short ride so far. I can walk about one mile before I'm worn out and have to sit. Dancing???? we'll see about that when we get to Texas in a couple of weeks.
  16. HI Don, Just wondering, of those 22,310, how many are current paid up members?
  17. 195 for me. Before the crash I think it was 60 something. First joined in Sept. '04
  18. Well, I found the box but it's not much help. All it says on it is "V6 LED Headlight" Google was no help. Then checked off on the side "H4/9003/HB2, 6000K Overall length 77.5 mm, top of flange to top of bulb 44.8 mm, width at the base 31.5 mm Some other writing on the box but I don't know what it means: TUV NORD TS16949 CE RoHS Googling that seem to be some kind of electrical systems product standard. Sorry but that's the best I can do. It was picked up from a vendor at a bike show by a friend. On the bright side, I was able to make it out to the shop and back on my two feet with only the help of a cane.
  19. I think I through the box away but I'll check next time I'm out in the shop. Laid up right now due to full knee replacement three weeks ago. I'll try and hobble out there tomorrow.
  20. Just the bulb. @Evan picked it up for me last winter at the Toronto motorcycle show. Easy plug and play. Very bright.
  21. I agree with @cowpuc on the root cause of your engine failure. I've had that happen twice on my '06 and both times got lucky by pulling the plugs and clearing the cylinders. Then a can of seafoam seems to take care of the sticky float problem. I run a can of seafoam through it about twice a year and turn the petcock off after every ride. Knock on wood, that seems to have solved the problem. As far as the whine goes, my '03 had it bad and changing clutch baskets really didn't help much. Seemed to just change the rpm level of the whine. My '06 doesn't have the whine at all. I've tried a variety of oils and no noticeable change in the engine noises. Pretty much stick to Castrol 20w50 now.
  22. Hi everyone. Read the new comments daily but guilty of not participating too much. Still riding the Black Cherry '06 (that's the fastest color you know). Just got home from the hospital yesterday after having my second knee replacement surgery. Sure hope it goes as well as the first one did. So I won't be riding for a few months now but still hoping to go to Hill Country again this winter. I'm taking the bike with me and crossing my fingers that I'll be able to ride again by then.
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