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  1. Hi Jim, I had flanders (recently changed) on my 06 bike and installed a no-name fairing purchased from ebay seller....worked fine. I am very pleased with the end result. Phil
  2. Hey guys, I am in the process of adding a fairing and trunk to my 2006 RSTD so I will be painting them to match the bike. But because the gas tank was also damaged and being replaced with new venture tank, and the saddle bags were scratched up pretty bad I will also be re-painting them also. But my front and rear fenders and lower fairing are in fine shape so not painting them. I am painting the same pearl white paint....purchased it from colorite. The bike is a single color pearl white with a two color pinstripe. So I purchased the same pinstripe to match the two fenders and need to apply to the trunk, front fairing, gas tank, two saddle bags. I think I want to be a little more creative with the pinstriping than the factory design....but still remain somewhat simple/conservative. I have been searching the internet for designs, looking at hundreds of other bikes for sale, googling, etc. I will be the first to admit I have no creative skills, better at just seeing something and copying it. Any ideas about how else to come up with a design??? Thanks much, Phil
  3. Thanks dluedke!....looks good. I did purchase one off ebay...I installed it and so far so good. Now I need to remove it and get it painted. Thanks, Phil
  4. First let me say thanks for all the help I am getting as I fix up my 2006 RSTD...now I am ready to move forward on the educational process of choosing a fairing. I have been searching thru all the post on the subject and seems there are at least three major choices and all receive praise as good products. Some of the post are fairly old so I am interested in hearing from some of the owners who have recently purchased a fairing and what you think about it. The three that I hear mentioned are.... 1.) Memphis Shades 2.) Reckless 3.) Wide Open Custom I remember seeing other names....but can't recall them. Also have seen some pretty inexpensive no names on ebay. I think I am interested in purchasing one with a decent stereo system already installed since installing one later is not something I feel talented enough to do....and I already have a long enough list of "to do's" items that require me enlisting help with I would like a fairly tall clear windshield. I don't mind making an attempt at painting it myself....(of course this decision may change after I see how my paint job turns out on my trunk) I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks, Phil
  5. Thanks to the help of a few new friends on the forum I have collected the misc. parts and pcs to install my new to me trunk. The trunk I purchased was repainted a custom white which I was hoping would match the color of my bike...but too far off to let it go. My bike is what I have been calling/heard called "pearl white"....how can I confirm this? And where do I start looking for a matching paint? Can I just go to any auto parts store that sells paint??? And how much do you think it will take to paint a large size trunk? (I may just go ahead and get enough to paint a fairing also...probably do it soon) Thanks much, Phil
  6. Thanks!.... Guess I could keep louder ones just in case a nasty neighbor moves in
  7. Hey guys.... The aftermarket exhaust on my bike is not extremely loud, has a little rumble, but still a little too loud for my taste. I prefer super quiet so I don't disturb anyone when I start it up and leave early in the morning. There is a member on the site who is selling his stock mufflers from a 2007, I would like to purchase them for my 2006 RSTD. Seems like they would fit but can anyone assure us they will? He has them listed in the classified section. Thanks, Phil
  8. It's a 2006 RSTD....white in color....12,500 miles....needs a little TLC but love it. Trying to upload a picture....sometimes it works and sometimes doesn't....will keep trying. Got the bike for my wife but quickly realized it was too big....so figured I would just sell it. But after riding it some I have decided to keep it and sell the Nomad I have been riding instead. I will find her a smaller bike. Thanks for the support, Phil
  9. Hey all, I just wanted to say sorry for all the questions....just excited to learn what I can about the new to me 2006 RSTD. Trying to work on a few modifications and looking to those who have been there and done that. Thanks again for all the help, Phil
  10. TDbiker, Great job!....exactly what I am trying to accomplish. I have been talking to alot of wonderful people on this site who are giving me pointers on how and what it takes to makes this work. Any feedback here or PM would be great. Thanks again, Phil
  11. Hey slim 32, Can you share the name of the individual who fabricated your bracket? Thanks, Phil
  12. Hey SapperJM, I know this is an old post but would like to know how the install is holding up? Thanks, Phil
  13. Hey Tommy, Wonderful!....look forward to the pictures When you say an RSV bracket, are you talking about the support system that connects to the bike itself and then the trunk attaches to it? I have the quick release back rest and luggage rack....so you didn't cut the back rest off and then mount the trunk to the luggage rack? I had considered just cutting the back rest off at the luggage rack and attempting to mount the trunk to the luggage rack...but I think that would put the trunk up too high....plus I don't want to destroy the back rest. Also, who did your painting?....maybe I should just bring my bike to you and let you make mine match??? Thanks, Phil
  14. Starpheus....please, more pictures! I am getting ready to install a trunk also....would love some pointers Thanks, Phil
  15. Hey billmac....got any pics of the wompus rack installed you would be willing to share?....I am getting ready to try and install a large tour trunk Thanks
  16. If I go with the fairing I will sure let you know the windshield is available....now if I can just find those who have installed the fairing to get opinions
  17. Nice!....and so glad you took the time to post the pictures. This helps me so much because I just purchased a 2009 HD tour trunk off ebay and hope to get it installed soon on my 2006 RSTD. I would appreciate any pointers on how you installed yours and the bracket you made....please email or call me if you have time. Thanks
  18. Excellent suggestions!...will give it a shot. And thanks so much for the tip to check at jack wolf's....will stop by there and ask for eric. Thanks guys!
  19. Thanks guys....I have found a couple as an option, waiting to get a response to know if can purchase one of them. But seriously thinking about pulling the existing tank this winter and repairing it. Part of my thinking now for repairing it is because a purchased a trunk and want to paint it also...figured if going to do one might as well consider both. Also still like the option of covering it with some sort of cover. Thanks
  20. I am interested in a fairing for my 2006 RSTD....has anyone done this yet and can share their experience? Thanks
  21. Hey guys, I am trying to determine my options for the handle bars on the new to me 2006 RSTD. I have been riding a Kawasaki Vulcan for the last eight years and the handle bar height was much lower. It is difficult adjusting to the taller bars on this RSTD....probably 4" or so taller. I am wondering if what is on my bike is the factory install or if someone has changed it. I think I would like to lower the handles....how difficult is that? Thanks
  22. Hey guys....just got an 06 RSTD and love it so far. There are a few things that I would like to fix/change/add/improve...but one thing at a time. The gas tank has a couple dents in it (right at the place where the tank meets the seat) and I haven't decided what to do about it. Maybe just live with it....not a problem that stops me from riding the bike....strictly cosmetic. Where can I start looking for a new or used tank? What years and models will interchange with my tank so I am not limited to one spec tank??? Is there a tank cover that will cover the dents? Or should I just remove the tank and attempt the repair? How hard/dangerous is it to work on a gas tank? What are the steps for properly removing the evidence of gas so as to have a safe tank to work on? Thanks
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