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  1. This is a fun thread....worked another one on the 650CCC forum. but I'm still 2500 miles from my VR...so can't participate. Old jail...I would have taken a ride to Tombstone! I'll just lurk until I get back home...sigh. david
  2. I'm insured through USAA (Progressive) for both bikes. Just paid $222 for the 950T and it's going to cost less than $70 to add the 89VR. I can ride year around here in AZ. This is for a year...100K/300K, uninsured...yada,yada,yadda. I also have home, YukonXL and sailboat with USAA...which probably helps...as well as living in a small town.. My auto/bike insurance dropped in half after I left Phoenix. :shock3: david
  3. Geesh.....youse guys are talking cubic inches! I speak CC's! I drove an Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite for a number of years. My best gas mileage was at 4200rpm...70mph. 42MPG. So the discussion of 4th gear getting better mileage around town makes all sorts of sense...cause the AH had a 948cc engine with two SU mkI carbs...sliders....and holding that slide and jet at one spot gave best economy. Guess I'm going to have to retrain my bod to stay in 4th and take it easy...let the motor hum! The fuel injected 950 VStar gets shifted into 5th quickly and I get 48mpg on her. david
  4. I have the VSTAR950. Similar. Fuel injected. Go here> http://vstar1300.pbworks.com/w/file/56501226/____Yamaha_1300vstarmanual.pdf download manual... david
  5. Anyone installed the KY-6345 grips from Kury? Don't trust web sites that say they fit just about anything..... tia, david
  6. Gary, Please check your total. I pledged $25...not $20. I'd do more but putting two kidlets through college... david
  7. Yep...sailor has it right. Studies have shown that when a driver does NOT move his head, he/she loses the ability to see movement. That's why fighter pilots #1 rule is to keep the head on a swivel. So if you think someone is looking straight at you, there's a good chance they don't see you at all. If they are looking back and forth, they probably do see you. If they then take off, they are just being "stoopid"! Don't take it personally, just react. Practice... david
  8. Long distance tips: Take frequent breaks. Enjoy the ride. Wrap cues in their sleeves and pack in a cardboard or metal fishing tube. Go to sports store and see if you can find something that fits. Just a thought... Tire pressure daily. BTW, I got a flat tire at interstate speeds on the rear. Fully loaded little 250 street scrambler (YDS-6C Yamaha). Speed dropped, rear end got loose...just let off throttle and coasted to side of road. Whew. Rain suit. Nothing worse than riding wet...a bit chilly. Layer your clothes for temp changes throughout ride. Sun and lip screen. Aloe for the face after each day for wind burn if you don't have full helmet. Get small travel tubes. Minimum tools would be bike tool kit. Practice pack the bike a few times to get the feel of what goes where that is best for you. Camera in phone...and use it. Daily diary for gas mileage, and your experiences. You won't regret that later on...you can share with us too! off the top of head, that's my experiences.... Enjoy the trip! david
  9. Back to: "I would like to increase the bid of Team Dingy by $25 US. Bringing the total bid to $ ? (wherever it left off...) as Yul said so wisely..."So let it be written, so let it be done". Next? david
  10. In chronological order: 1965 Honda 160 - no picture Pic #1-1969 Yamaha DS6C 250 (went across country..NH to Arizona) "Redish/orange" color Pic #4 - 2003 Yamaha Vstar 650 Classic -Blue Pic#3-2009 Yamaha Vstar 950 Tourer - Silver (still ride) Pic#2-1989 Yamaha Venture Royale - Two tone blue...fastest color yet! Sorry for the pics out of order... david
  11. Puc, Shame I no longer live in Phoenix, as that's an easy ride to Jerome, etc.. But give me a shout when you get close and maybe I can get up that area from Southern Arizona! 602.418.5814 call or text... david
  12. Hmm. I like oldies...50's -80's. Some Do Wop and Big Band too. Guess I'm lucky I kept some cassettes... david
  13. Excellent! Now I can't wait to get back and check out my VR.....let's hope your solution fixes my problem as well! Great ideas from everyone! david
  14. Puc, Glad to hear you are sticking around! And Congrats on the new bike! david
  15. rats...ran out of time...leaving at 5am. Soon as I get back that petcock is getting a cleaning!! Thanks all, see ya in 3 weeks. david
  16. Mine is stuck on the normal position...I would like to set it on the reserve position so at least I have that gallon available if I need it. I'll deal with it later....but be nice to shut off the fuel while I'm gone... Thanks, david
  17. Just found another problem with 89VR. The fuel shut off won't turn and I'm afraid to throw a wrench on it. Will throw some WD40 on the unit and see what happens when I get back from my trip. Is this normal? david
  18. Thanks everyone. I'm on the road for a while, but will be exploring the issues when I come back. And Puc...yep...related! david
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