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Test Ride a 2012 Wing Today


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So Hinshaw in Auburn Wa had Honda Demo day. So a friend (85 Goldwing) and I (91 MKII) rode out and I test rode a 2012 Wing.


The last time I was on a Wing was my 1980 (Bought New) then sold in 83 and went to raise a family.


The 2012 Wing is all that I've read and heard about.


Smooth, Smooth, Smooth. I had it in 5th and took it down to 5 mph and throttled it and it was stlll smooth.


All Power, Power, Power. Wow lots of torque.


Agle and nimble, nimble, nimble. Very responsive to curves and any little push of the handle bar.


Balance, Balance, Balance. I couldn't believe that at a stop light, I was sitting on one of the heavest production touring if not the heavest and I was tossing the Wing left and right with easy. With a little more time on the Wing, I think I could make most complete stops without my foot ever leaving the foot pegs. Slow speed crawls are so effortless.


When I first sat on the Wing. It seemed like I was sitting on top of the Wing and I'm only 5 ft 8 inchs. Everything seemed like I was looking down on it. But it took only a few miles before I quickly adjusted to the Wings sitting and gage position.


It was something that I been wanting to do for many years. So now I can put it to rest.


Would I trade my 91 MKII for it......no...


The Wing is Smoother, but so is the MKII. I can ride my MKII 500 miles in a good day and do the vibration test. Which is to touch some stationary object with my hands and my hands does not zing.


The Wing has more power. Well that is a given 1300 vs 1800. My VR MKII can get up and really go also.


I think the Wing seems to responds quicker and could be more manuverable. But the question is how much more. Like I said I think, but not real sure.


The Wing definately seems to have it hands down on balance at the stop light, but then the Wing had foot pegs and my VR had floor boards. Not a real big issue for I'm almost flat footed on my VR with Floor boards and as soon as I get my seat back from Rick Butler I should be flat footed for the seat will be lowered a little over 1 inch.


I do miss the smooth ride that the stock OEM springs provided on my VR when on ruffer roads. I just installed Progressive. So I really can't compare the spring acton between my VR and the Wing, but the Wing sailed over the bumps.


After getting back on my VR, I prefer the seat position of my VR for I feel like I sit in the VR rather sitting on top of the Wing. All the gages on my VR are out in front which I prefer for viewing. I also like the way the VR engine thumps at low speeds a bit more like a typical m/c then really smooths out as one gets going.


I also like the sound of the VR more when I get on the engine, the VR has a really nice throaty sound.


The Wing with all that plastic almost seems to be in a slightly different catagory than a motorcycle. I like to see more of the bikes engine and stuff. The VR MKII seems to have the right balance. I'm always looking back at my Shiny VR as I'm walking away from it.


The other think is that as my 21 year old VR, just gets better with each aging year like a nice classic car. While any new 2012 bike after the 1st year new newess is over then its just a used m/c with years of payments to come. Its kind of like for me I'm getting ready in a couple of years for a brand new car. My plan is to buy a nicely reconditioned 65 GTO rather than buying a brand new car. So I'm kind of particial to an older vehicle reconditioned that a brand new vehicle.


Well there you have it. I'm glad I got the test ride out of my system. My VR pass the test for I still prefer the VR.

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Its nice to know that a twenty plus year old motorcycle can pretty much hold its own to a new Wing. In top of that I believe the sporty manuverability of the newer wings was because the 1st Gen Venture always had that sportier image and feel. And lets face it the 1800cc flat six has had years of refinement for 2012.


I agree that the sound of the MKII is nice throaty even at speed. The wings are incredibly quiet which is very cool,but man I like the sound of a motorcycle and think it's really a part of the experience.:thumbsup2:

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When Mike and I went looking for a new bike for him starting 2 yrs ago (we rarely make rash choices) we looked at the 2010 wing just for comparison to the other bikes at the stealer. Even the sales guy who was assisting us with bike info called the wing a 2 wheeled car. We didn't like it because the seats were uncomfortable. He'll prolly never get a wing, he says it has too much tech for him lol.

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Even the sales guy who was assisting us with bike info called the wing a 2 wheeled car. We didn't like it because the seats were uncomfortable. .


I agree ... a two-wheeled car. But, at my age (65), I have had my fill of the "true motorcycle" and really appreciate my two wheeled car. As for the seats,,,, different strokes for different folks. I can't think of a stock motorcycle seat I've ever had that was any more comfortable than the Wing's. Yes, after several hours, my butt starts getting a bit numb but it does that sitting on my office chair all day long too LOL


I can say this and that is until I got a backrest for my RSMV, I would ache after several hours ... not so on the Wing without a backrest.

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Yeah...well Mike's 33 and just starting riding, so he wanted more of a real motorcycle for now. That however will probably change in 20-30 yrs when he or I decide a trike is the best way to go. Alot of our bike shopping was finding stuff not only he liked but was comfy for me too. The volusia is a nice bike, but we feel cramped on longer rides, can't wait for a roomier touring bike lol.

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Well folks, I meet Brian and his 91 couple weeks ago. Something you don't know. He found a 91 with " Very Few " miles on it.

It is in, as they say, New, Just off the Assembly Line, like condition. When I drove up and parked my dented , scratched, high mileage, 89 beside his " almost like new " 91, it was a strange feeling, to say the least.

A Goldwing ?????? I don't think so. Now after Brian couples all the mods and upgrades the the friendly folks on this web site have come up with, ( He is working on all those things ) It will be a thing of beauty !!!


I think I talked him into Sky Doc's brake system " Upgrade" today. :cool10:

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