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Garage exhaust port

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I just have a length of exh hose that I stick out through a little trap door fitted into my garage door. I used to just lift the door a bit and slide the hose out under but often depending on wind direction it would just blow back into my garage.

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I  usually just open main door and man door on side and let breeze take out fumes. If its winter I wear snow suit until gone then close when done! Mostly do this to keep Phantom happy because she hates opening house door to smell any fumes at all(my garage)

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My goal is to keep the doors shut.  I have a heater for winter but also don’t want my shop kitty getting out.  Even when the weather is nice with the doors open it’d be nice to have some extra help getting the exhaust outside.  Also our master is above the garage so the wife really notices.

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17 minutes ago, Flyinfool said:

There is stuff made for what you are doing.

A length of exhaust hose.

I hole in the door or wall to just fit the hose

A door to cover the hole when not needed.

That is how every auto and bike shop does it.

They have everything you need here.


That is exactly what I did.Works a charm and easy to do. The exhaust hose you can get through any car parts provider as well.

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Menards sells 25' 2 inch plastic flexible drain pipe CHEAP!! Have used it for years as exhaust extension while working in our basement.. If you decide to go that route it is a really good idea to take some thin wall conduit and extend the ends of your pipes on the bike a couple feet to allow the exhaust to cool off before it gets to the plastic. 

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