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VMax conversions

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What vmax components can be directly/easily used on a 2nd gen Venture?


I rushed over here to see if I could be the first, but im late. haha, oh well, it still has that new directory smell anyway.


The Vmax heads are a direct bolt on up to 93 according to my research. Once you get to Royal Star the exhaust ports are in a different position for frame clearance. The exhaust port position of the Vmax head prohibits its use on an RSV, again according to my research, I have not tried a fit.


Im unsure if the vmax cams will fit but they look the same to the naked eye. Some head porting would be needed for that to make sense IMHO. I dont know if the vboost components and intakes will bolt on but it looks like it should to the naked eye, I hear that the Ignitek TCI will also control vboost, not sure if that feature is availavle on RSV Ignitek but I cnt see why it could not work. Sorry I dont have more, I did find some reading on this a couple months ago and this is all I got from it.


If you could make an RSV a little vmax-y you could swiftly break some HD hearts.

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IF the v-max cams will fit the 2nd gen heads, it would still help power, not as much as the bigger valve plus the bigger cam would do, but still better than stock. I have no idea about the carbs.


If you have access to someone that can do machining for the speedo pickup the the rear end would also give a better gear ratio, or just swap in the gears.

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Vmax and Venture royale carbs are very similar with the obvious exception of jetting and a difference of 34mm vs 35mm so possibly the Venture carbs could be jetted appropriately for this application. Guessing rsv and royale are in the same ballpark?


Im not familiar with the rsv heads but is there enough meat there for bigger valves and/or creative match porting? This sounds like a cool idea.


I dont have many parts left but I do have a set of vmax heads and intakes sitting in my frontroom, if photos or measurements can help please let me know.

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I thought I would add some additional info on the use of VMAX parts on a Second Gen. The First Gen. VMAX Heads are NOT useable on the Second Gens. The Second Gen. heads have a set of mounting holes that connect the top of the engine directly to the frame, unlike the MKI and MKII First Gens. which have an extra set of frame mounting points on the engine block. The VMAX Cams are a direct bolt on fit in the Second Gen. cylinder heads. There is enough "meat" in the heads to machine for the larger Intake Valves. The First Gen: Second Gen: and VMAX Exhaust Valves are the same size. With the taller tranny gears in the Second Gen. Final Drive, the VMAX Final Drive Swap is an excellent upgrade, and is one of the best "Bang for the Buck" upgrades that can be done to a Second Gen. for performance gains. Along with going fast, you will want to be able to STOP your bike as well. The addition of a set of R1/R6 front brake calipers is also a great idea. The late model VMAX front brake calipers are identical to the R1 calipers, just not as flashy. Both the R1/R6 and VMAX front brake calipers are a direct bolt on fit on the Second Gens. I hope this info helps,


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mother of god!!! I just looked up the 2009 V-max and it has 200HP!!! I was wondering about conversions since I read that the V-4 in the RSV is based on the V-max motor but I had no idea the HP was double. I've done some more reading and I guess it is possible to get the V-max motor into my RSV but the cost would  rather high :( then again I'm not sure I could trust myself with a 200HP bike :big-grin-emoticon:

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